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I've been looking at the Nikkon D80 as well as the Cannon 30D. I am leaning toward the D80 currently - like the controls, layout, feel, etc.
Anyone know why this is NOT on the Steve's shortlist of recommended DSLRs? It is reviewed as an outstanding camera. Are the other's simply more "outstanding"?
Just want to make sure I'm not missing something.
Thanks in advance for any feedback.
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That's only because the list is out of date. Too many new cameras, not enough time. ;-)

What do you like to shoot more of (landscapes, portraits, people, etc.) and in what conditions (indoors with flash, indoors without flash, sports in the daytime, sports at night, sports indoors, etc.).

The lenses you choose are going to be just as important as the camera if you want to shoot in a greater variety of conditions.

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Thanks for your reply.
It amazes how much information is in the reviews here - let alone trying to correlate and pick a best of list - so I certainly can understand the best-of list just being a snap-shot in time guideline.
To answer your question, I spend the most amount of my time shooting landscapes on hiking trips, vacations, etc. but do spend some amount of time shooting people as well - mostly outdoors as well (although occasionally indoors). I don't shoot sports very often other than the occasionaly family member event. Spend some amount of time shooting family pets as well - which do oftentimes move (many cats and dogs - my house is a bit of a zoo). While out shooting landscapes - I find a quick zoom (like what I get on my current Coolpix 8800) comes in handy as I will occasionally see a bird or deer or something I want to catch rather than a full landscape (so the 18-135mm range that comes with 30D and D80 kits is appealing to me). To a much lessor extent I also do some close-ups - can't resist this if I pass an interesting colored bug or interesting flower while out and about.
This will be my first dSLR purchase {I am currently using a Nikkon Coolpix 8800 - which is why the Nikkon probably feels better to me. I also have had good experiences with Nikkon - my daughter is now playing with my 8 year old still-cranking Coolpix 500 (hard to believe that camera has turned into a toy after what I paid for is - have an old 35mm SLR as well). Made the mistake of buying the Minolta A1 between the two Coolpix's}.
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Sounds like pretty much all of the dSLR cameras would do what you want to do. My list of photo tasks is similar to yours and I happily use a Pentax dSLR. The biggest factor for your list is camera comfort - how does it feel in your hands, is it too small/large/light/heavy etc. If you prefer the Nikon and its menu system, then that's a very good reason to get one.

It sounds like the Nikon kit lens would be a good choice to begin with, however, I'd also start looking for a separate macro lens if you like to take bugs and flowers. In the long run, you might feel that 135mm is too short, but maybe not. I'd probably look into longer lenses as a "wish list" itembut not get one until you are comfortable with the kit lens.
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