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Many cameras are made in China these days. I would not relate poor quality image to this fact alone. Overall quality of the camera, perhaps since their QA is not nearly as good as the Japanese (despite the fact that some of the companies producing cameras in China are actually Japanese). Although Samsung is a very big company, they are relatively new to the photography world so it takes a while before you can find wide-spread samples from any of their new camera models. However, if you do a search in Flickr, you'll find quite a few sample images that may give you an idea of the camera's capability.

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I too looked at the Samsung HZ25W and was quite impressed, but for my needs (shooting indoors in gyms at cheerleading competition and tumbeling events) it just is too slow, and I believe too dim a lens. I've heard of some more mega zooms, but not much on this forum related to Casio. I am hoping to get some more info soon.
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Unfortunately the Casio superzooms have not provided anywhere near the better image quality we have seen from the likes of the Pansonic FZ-28/35/38, the Canon SX-10/SX-20, the Sony H-50 among the superzooms.

Neither has the Casio superzoom even equaled the image quality of lesser zoom cameras such as the TZ-5/TZ-7/ZS1/ZS3/ZR-1/ZR-3. the Sony H-10/H-20, The Canon SX-200/SX120, and even the Kodak Z-950/Z-915 cameras.

My expectation is that members of this Forum want the truth, the facts, and information that will save them money. Had Casio produced a superzoom with better/higher image quality, we would be speaking about them in detail. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

JoeGA, for your needs, which is to take good photos in a very low light phot environment, your needs, and the needs of your wife and daughter, are best served with a quality DSLR camera that can best cope with those unique lighting conditions.

Good luck in your camera search.

Sarah Joyce
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