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hopkid Apr 9, 2005 3:18 PM

I'm hoping to buy my first digital camera soon. I'm looking for something that will last a while, hence the selection of a 7 MP camera (plus a small "ultra-thin" one).

It seems like the Canon SD500 and Nikon 7900 are the best ones out there right now. Does anyone have advice as to which of these is better overall?

Also, do you have any suggestions for some other ultra-thin cameras?


katrinafrancesca Apr 16, 2005 12:04 PM

i have the same dilemma... they both have all the same specs (lcd screen, MP, zoom, etc). BUT the SD500 has a titanium body, thats why its more expensive...

that's it i believe..

slipe Apr 16, 2005 12:21 PM

This is the only review I've seen of the 7900: I would wait for some more opinions. He does make a slight reference to a comparison of the two at the end. The shutter speed control he refers to on the SD500 is only for slower speeds – it doesn't have a way to maximize shutter speed for sports like the 7900 (and most other cameras).

The 7900 seems to be a better buy. You might also look at the Sony P200 if you want something besides point and shoot. The only downside of the P200 is that the flash isn't quite as strong and I'm not a big fan of Memory Stick compared to SD.

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