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ajsmith Nov 28, 2005 2:33 PM

Hey, I'm looking to get a new camera. I currently have the Canon A80 which has treated me well for over 20,000 photos in its short life!

The ccd is beginning to have problems though - display anything in a vague shade of white pink!

I enjoy tampering with shutter speeds (amongst other manual features) and look forward to a camera that will cope with exposures over 30seconds - a bulb feature would be great though I cannot yet afford a dSLR. The fact the 8700 will only go as far as 8sec exposures until you use the bulb feature which starts at I think 30secs.

I mostly shoot landscapes though I am keen on getting a decent telephoto lens which is what attracted me to the 8700.

High, futureproofresolution would be nice. 8mp would be great! I'd like the opportunity to develop at greater sizes than 12x8 (think that's right).

I already have CF cards so that would be preferred especially since my mp3 player supports them for backing up photos on long trips.

So...any ideas anyone? I'm looking for a similar budget to the 8700 - cheaper would be preferred.

Thanks in advance... AJ

mtclimber Nov 28, 2005 4:00 PM


I purchased and used the Nikon 8700 and have never really been pleased with it at all. Like the Nikon 8400, which I also own, it is very slow and many times is unable to properly achieve good focus.

I have just purchased the Olympus E-500 two lens kit and feel that it is a great digital camera, all for about the same price. The two lens kit will give you an effective focal length of 28mm to 300mm all without the need to purchase any m,ore lenses. And the lenses are excellent lenses as well.

It is just a suggestion, but I honestly believe it is worth a look. If you don't like Olympus, then take a look at the Nikon D-50, it too is a lot of camersa for the money spent, though the E-500 two lens kit is more bang for the buck.


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