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Originally Posted by TCav View Post
"Out of bounds"? A fielder can reach into the stands to catch a foul ball. How is the "Photographer's Box" "out of bounds"? (Nothing to do with photography. Just wondering about the game?) Can a fielder run through the "Photographer's Box" to get to a ball in play?
You'd be surprised at how many high school/youth league fields aren't enclosed by fences, and how different every field is. Many fields don't even have fences or dugouts, and as John mentioned there are usually chalk lines (or landmarks) that define what is in and out of play. Those standards you mentioned in an earlier post sound like a dream considering some of the places I've played (i played in college at the D1 level) and that my kids currently play (select level youth league).
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Yes. I've also played on fields that didn't match those specs. I suspect those publications are for "official" fields, and are not necessarily "standards". But for our purposes, it's the differences in the distances that are important, not the distances themselves. A Little League diamond has a 1.5X 'Crop Factor'.
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Originally Posted by rjseeney View Post
Actually the kit lenses focus pretty quickly. The pro lenses aren't any quicker on the D5k (the lenses are all AF-S). . Autofocus isn't the problem with the kit lenses, it's the reach. To get better focusing performance, you'll need to step up in body.
We were talking about Canon and the XSi so the kit lens lens is kind of slow. And JohnG gave the op an excellent suggestion of a not to expensive indoor basket ball solution. The 85mm 1.8 prime. So pretty much everything has shifted to canon up to now.
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