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I am a complete newbie. In a perfect world I would get the D60 + 18-200but its too much cash for the foreseeable future. But, I can get a D100 body in excellent shape for free!. So, do I go for the D100 + the 18-200 OR the D60 with the 2 lenses (or the Canon equivalent). Criteria are first, ease of use,second, AF capability, third picture quality.

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The D100 was a fine camera, but it's almost 7 years old! When you buy a used camera, you're taking a big chance. The shutters on SLRs have a finite life expectancy, and a 7 year old camera is likely to be close to failing, even if it performs well now.

I'd go with the two lens kit anyway. The two lenses are cheaper and produce better images than the 18-200 VR.

I'd also go with the Canon equivalent. The Nikon D60 doesn't have an internal autofocus motor, so most of Nikon's own lenses won't autofocus on it, and few third party lenses and almost no used lenses will. And if you're on a limited budget, the used lens market is something you want to pay close attention to.

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Why not take the D100 (it is free) and you could still pick up the D60 with the two lenses. As was mentioned, the two lenses, although less convenient, will yield better IQ than the 18-200, for less money. Yes it's true the D60 doesn't have a focus motor...however if you're getting the two lens kit, that won't come in to play, as both lenses will AF. Just about all of the DX (digital slr only) lenses Nikon has released over the last few years will AF on the D60, with every common focal range available. Also, more and more lenses are being released with focus motors from third parties. However, these lenses do tend to be more expensive, and if you're looking for fast prime lenses you're out of luck. Overall, there are over 60 lenses available that will AF on the D60. Here is a list of a few http://d40xd60.wikidot.com/list-of-lenses-that-will-af. Again, on average many of these will be more expensive, although there are some consumer level Nikkors that are quite affordable.

In terms of IQ, the D60 and the canon equivalent will likely outdo the D100 especially at higher Iso's.

In Af performance, the canon is the better option when compared to the D60. If you're looking to shoot sports or action, you're better off with the Canon. The D100 probably is better than both in this area, as it was a semi pro camera. So you'll get faster AF, more control, and it will be built more solidly. However, it is old, and who knows how much longer it will last.

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