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Hello everyone!

i'm new here but have been reading all your wonderful advise on purchasing cameras and im hoping you can help me make up my mind.

im looking at purchasing a nice slr camera to shoot professional photos as well as everyday ones. Also, i go to LOTS of concerts to see bands play and i get so upset that everytime i take a photo in that kind of lighting it ends up blurry and i can barely make out the band. so i really would like to get a camera that can take low light photos well as well daylight photos.

im looking at buying a nikon d100 or a nikon dx1. i was told that the dx1 is more on the professional side but is an older model than the nikon d100. Is the dx1 worth even looking at or would i be better off getting the d100 that is newer? im just getting so confused. can you please help!!

Thanks a million
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Is there a reason you're not considering the D50 or D70(s)?

B/t the D100 and the D1X, if you're getting a similar price for them, the D1X is the clear winner b/t the much better AF and build--a true pro body, at just slightly lower resolution.

For low-light pictures, the new D50 (which is purported to be the lowest-noise Nikon DSLR with the jury still out on the D200) would make a lot of sense as well, especially considering that it costs less new than the D1X used (and probably a used D100 as well).

Both the D100 and D1X are dated technology, though the D1X is still appealing because of its vastly superior AF and build quality matched/surpassed only by the D2 bodies, while a D100 is inferior to a D50 or D70(s) in many ways, and superior in but a few.
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