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I currently own a Sony DSC F828 which has given me a few years of wonderful service. I enjoy the 'bendy' lens and the flexibility that offers. It's also a good all round automatic performer. However it's time for me to move up a notch or two in the camera world.

My budget is up to £1,500. I've read very good reviews about the Nikon d200. Similarly the Sony a100, at just under two thirds of the Nikon price is also quite appealing as I already use the Sony systems for both camera and computer.

I am an artist and architect andboth professions demand a high usage of photography. My current Sony F828 will become my 'second' or back-up camera.

I'm also interested to explore the limits of photography (as quite frankly my current knowledge is more of the point and shoot variety...) and therefore purchasing a higher performance camera may enable me to do just that.

As well as taking shots of stationary objects such as buildings and artwork I am keen to capture moving images in the urban environment. Therefore a fast switch-on time andhigh speed shooting are also important criteria. I believe the Sony is not as quick as the Nikon. (also, architects, as anyone else,tend to like 'build-quality')

So, what do you think I should purchase. Sony, or the Nikon. (personally I like the idea of a good metal high quality camera.....probably the Nikon)

Replies and suggestions will be more than appreciated!

Many thanks, S.

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These two cameras are not in the same class. The d200 is more advanced, has more bells and whistles and is designed more ruggedly. It features more control as well. However, as you note it is nearly twice the price. I think you're better off getting a less expensive body and better glass to start. The A100 is a functional, solid camera, great for a beginner. The truth is all the entry level cameras are very close in performance. I'd make sure you handle them all, see what feels the best and go with that.
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A far better comparison for the A100 would be the Nikon D80.

Both cameras have some very similar specs (and may even use the same sensor). The D80 has less noise past ISO 800, and has a better focusing and metering systems, plus more good options for lenses and accesories.

The A100 is an attractive option though because it's image quality is generally comparable below ISO 800, plus it includes dust reduction and in camera stabilization. And the range of affordable lenses available is still good, so you won't really miss Nikon lenses (aside from the ability to rent in many locations) unless you expect to get into more professional lenses at higher price ranges. So if you aren't going to be shooting sports or action, or otherwise need the higher ISO performance, faster focusing, higher end lenses, wireless remote, or other features available on the Nikon D80, the A100 looks like a pretty good bargain.

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