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Hi Everyone,

I'm new to photography, infact today is my second day in school. By next week I have to have my own DSLR. Ive been reading around reviews about the D200 and the 30D and yet I still cant make up my mind. I've been leaning towards the D200, but after reading all the noise problems with it on high ISO's I dont know anymore.

Im interested in taking pictures of:


Nature (night and day)


Travel photography

Please tell me what you think of these cameras. Thanks in advance.
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Both are great cameras, so it's impossible to make a bad decision.

30D is slightly better in low light and sports.

D200 is slightly better at everything else.

Nikon is probably cooler. Canon probably has a better value-for-money lens collection, especially at the telephoto end.

Have a look at which lenses you want to go with it (say in your first 1-2 years of ownership), that might change the equation quite a lot.

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As peripatetic said - the only real area the 30D is going to be better is at low light / sports which isn't prominant on your list. So, from a body feature standpoint the D200 seems like the better camera for you. The good news is both cameras will meet your needs quite well. That being said, it sounds like the entry level models (Nikon d50, d70s Canon 350d) would also meet your needs if you need to save money.
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Old May 19, 2006, 1:49 AM   #4
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If you are new to photography, why not go for an entry level DSLR at first? The cameras mentioned are all pretty darned good. After a year or so, you will know better what you want, and it will be cheaper than it is now. Use the money saved to buy some decent lenses. I would recommend the D50.
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hey guys!

thanks for the replies! It's helping me a lot, although I havent decided wich one. Now Im leaning towards the 30D, because I think it's more versatile. ITs not excellent as the D200, but atleast I can shoot at low light, high ISOs. But who knows! I might change my mind once in the store.

As a beginner and first time buyer, I have this mentality of wanting to be able to shoot at anything anytime without problems.
My teacher said the first buy is crucial because I have to decide if Im a nikon or a canon buyer, which certainly ads to the pressure. This buying thing is driving me nuts!
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