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Hi all.

After wasting time and money on a Kodak P850, I've decided to go DSLR.
Not just yet, maybe after Xmas......

Anyway, I like the look (and price!!) of both the Canon 400D and Nikon D40.
Which one would be best?

I'm pretty new to photography, so I apolagise if I should know the answers!!!


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The D40 was just announced a couple of days ago, and not yet available, nor have there been any reviews of production models. The D40 is going to be cheaper and likely will have excellent IQ, but will likely have less advanced features than the Canon. If you need a camera now, the Canon will be your only choice. If you can wait, see what folks have to say about the D40 before taking the plunge.
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i've heard that the nikon d40 won't be able to take second party lenses, like sigma or tamron...is this true? i don't want to start a rumour so i would just like someone to set me straight

personally, if the d40 doesn't take second party lenses, i would probably go for the nikon d50. i've had a play around with it and the photos are amazing! but i'm a nikon girl myself, so it's really up to you.
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Yes that's correct from what I've read you have to useeither AF-S or AF-I lenses. Someother differences between theupcoming D40 and D50 are: D40 is smaller and lighter (about 100g with the battery) Smaller and lighter means possibly more blurredphotos than with the D50? The focus on the D40 is a 3areaTTL with the Nikon Multi-CAM530 vs. 5area TTL with Nikon Multi-CAM900on the D50. The D40's LCD is 2.5" w/230,000 pixels vs. D50's 2" w/130,000 pixels.The status LCD on top has beentaken away on the D40 and combined with the LCD and an improved menu interface like the D80 and D200 (similiar to what Canon has done with there new XTi model)The ISO is still 200-1600 but the D40 adds a 3200 with boost option. The continous shoot speed is still 2.5 fps on the D40 (and D50) The D40 adds in camera editing (similiar to the D80) The viewfinder window is slightly bigger on the D40 at x0.8 magnification vs D50's x0.75.

I have recently jumped the fence to the Rebel XTi but have owned the D50 and loved it and hope that Nikon has kept just as good of a product in the D40; I guess we'll wait and see. BTW I will probably go back to a D80 once the prices drop abit (unless I fall in love with my XTi in the meanwhile)

Hope this info. helps anyone who is wondering about the D40. Keep clicking!

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