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I have been coming to this website for years when looking at point-and-shoots andI'm ready to move up to a dSLR. After reading many reviews and forum posts debating the various merits of all the entry-level dSLRs, I've settled on a D40 and will probably be getting one very soon - before Christmas for sure. I just realized my one last hang up as I was looking at the Dec 2006 review on this site for the D40.

Does anyone know if there are plans for a "successor" to the D40 anytime soon or if it will be discontinued in the near future? What is a typical lifecycle for dSLRs? How often are models replaced at this end of the product spectrum? I know the D40x just came out earlier this year, so is that the expected successor to the D40 and one day the D40 will just get phased out?

I can accept that new and improved models of any kind of consumer electronic goods are always in the horizon. And I'm ready to buy now and enjoy the D40 while I have it. I'm just curious as the D40 seems to be approaching the 1-year old mark if there is any word on a newer entry-level Nikon. Thanks!
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The D40 was introduced in November of 2006, and the D40x was introduced in March of 2007.

Canon has discontinued its 6MP dSLR, but Pentax has just reintroduced it's 6MP K100D as the K100D Super.

I don't think there are a lot of reasons for Nikon to keepthe D40 around, but it is still a fine camera, and if it suits you, go with it.
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I have had my Nikon D-40 since November 2006 and had great results under heavy usage, taking around 800 to 1,000 photos a month. I have the D-40X as well, but actually prefer the D-40 and the Nikkor 18-200mmVR lens.

Sarah Joyce
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In the "for what it's worth" department - I don't think you should buy or not buy a camera due to it possibly being replaced soon. If the camera meets all your needs, why not get it and enjoy it? I wouldn't have replaced my first digital camera if it hadn't started having some mechanical issues, and was several years beyond any warranty (in other words, it had served me very well).There will always be a better and fancier camera coming out with more bells and whistles or more megapixels, but that doesn't necessarily mean it will take better pictures. Get the D40 if it suits your needs and enjoy it until it dies (as all electronic items eventually do) several years from now.
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You should remember that when you buy a DSLR you are not just buying a camera you are buying a system. The lenses and other accessories you buy should be compadible (to some extent if not completely) with the next generation.

Nikon might put out a successor to the D-40 but that does not mean it will be a better camea and by then you may wish to move up to something more advanced.
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