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I have a Fuji s5100 right now. I've been wanting to upgrade for a couple months now, just kind of delve into the realm of dSLR's I suppose. But for some reason I've been kind of iffy.

I've pretty much narrowed it down to the nikon d50. It looks like a great camera, and it's within my somewhat stretchy budget. But for some reason I can't make myself take the leap.
I was a little dissapointed to hear that there was no live-view mode on the lcd screen with most of the dslr's. I have a hard time looking through the viewfinder, I can do it, but it takes some strain, and I like not to. (eye problems from when I was a baby and so on...)
Also I know that until I can get a new lens I'll be missing out on my zoom. the 5100 has a 10x zoom, and the kit lenses, or at least the less pricey ones (for if I was to get a body only, and purchase the lens seperately) don't seem like they're good enough.
The only other thing that I was a bit sad about, was that I can't do video, I've pretty much gotten over that because I have a old crappy kodak easyshare that would work for video, and my phone takes video too.

But I'm wondering, is the d50 gonna be good enough? Should I just do it?
I take pictures of lots of things, family functions, parties at friends houses, I've done a couple of my friends weddings where they couldn't afford a...dare I say...REAL photographer, some skateboarding, I want to start shooting my friend mountainboarding, a little bmx when my cousins come to town. And most definitely, I do alot of shooting of my cousins football games, he's pre-highschool, I'm not sure what the league is called. But they're just outdoor games, middle of the day usually.

Is the d50 gonna make me happy? Am I gonna notice a huge difference compared to my finepix 5100?
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The D50 is plenty of camera. What matters is the lens you put on it. I personally would avoid the Nikon 18-55 kit lens and either get their 18-70mm or their 18-135mm lense, either of which is much better as a starting lens.
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As a camera body, the D50 is up to the challenge. But, here's the rub. First, you're going to need a variety of different lenses if you want to do all those types of shooting with a good deal of quality. "Quality" is, of course, subjective. So, you're not going to be able to do all those types of shooting with a single, inexpensive lens - at least not do it well.

Second, and most important - a DSLR is not a better point-and-shoot camera. For wedding, sports etc - you're just not going to get quality results shooting in auto or the pre-fab modes (portrait mode, landscape mode, sports mode etc....) They're certainly a great starting point until you learn photographic principles (I apologize if you already know this but I couldn't tell from your post how much experience and knowledge you have with principles of photography - DOF, exposure, etc....

So, the D50 is capable IF, big IF - you invest in the right lenses and accessories for your specific needs and IF, bigger IF, you're willing to learn the principles involved and start controlling the camera - after all, regardless how far technology has come - your eye and brain will still work 1000 times better than the camera's internal algorithms.

Just as a teaser - here are some of the lenses and accessories you would need:

Weddings (and this isn't just to be a pro it's just to get quality shots): something like a 24-70 2.8, 85mm 1.8, 70-200 2.8, tripod, external flash, flash bracket

Football: considering it's llight and daytime you'll want a lens around 200mm-300mm with aperture of 5.6 or better

Mountainboarding - I'm going to guess you'd want something like a 70-200 4.0 lens. BMX, I'm not sure about - depends on the distances involved - but you're likely to have trees, so you'll want a 2.8 lens. In close, a 24-70 is a good length. If you're 20 yards away then a 70-200 2.8

So, bottom line is - don't expect to buy the D50 with kit lens, pull it out of the box and in a week be able to shoot those situations you have listed. The D50 is only the first step. You need to get the right accessories and learn how to properly use them if you want to shoot those specific events (weddings, sports).
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This lens would cover most of those situations, for about $800 (Sigma 70-200 f2.8 ) :

And this is worth adding for some lower light, indoor, and portrait shots for only another $100 (Nikon 50 f1.8 ) :

If that's in the budget, you could probably do all right with that and the kit lens for awhile. And yes, you might then notice a big difference from your S5100.

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