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I've been trying to decide on the Nikon D50 or D80.
D80's better, i know that, but its also more expensive.
What I'm asking is, is it really worth buying the D80?
I'm a beginner photographer, and i wont be taking much professional pictures, just some when I'm bored, or when I'm at parties or on vacation.
Is there a real noticeable difference between the two?


And if not, What about D60?
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The D50 is a fine camera, 6mp. I owned one from new for two years, using it much the same as you say you will, and it served me well. I felt the need for more mp, as I make 20x30 prints and 10 mp does better in that regard. The D50, unless you are cropping heavily or printing largely, would be a good choice, if you can find a good one with low miles. The D80 has more mp, more "pro" features you may or may not use, is a little newer production, and if you can swing it, a better camera generally. In either case, beware shutter count and any gut feeling about the history of the camera, unless you buy from a reputable on-line vendor. Be careful with E Bay, if you could find one on craigslist, you could physically check it out before buying. Good luck with your decision... Robert

About the D60, for your stated purpose, it would be a fine camera. Lack of in-body focus motor would stop a pro in his tracks, but everyone, including Nikon is making lenses for the D40/40x/60 now, so that's not much of an issue.
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I've owned both, and for me, the D80 was a nice step up. You'll get a lot better control and the higher resolution is a noticeable benefit. The d50 was great, but quite honestly, the only advantage it has over the D60 is the ability to focus non AFS lenses. The D60 is smaller, lighter, has better resolution, a better lcd, and so on. I'd never buy an older used camera over a newer camera that's roughly the same price.
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