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Hi, You should also consider that with the Fuji you can frame your subject on your Screen prior to shooting. Much more convinient than looking through the view finder of a SLR. Especially on a tripod at lower heights.
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I did some checking on the S9000/S9500 on this site and the forum, and it seems there have been some quality problems with individual machines. Of course, I would like to avoid any major hassle, especially if I buy the machine in the mail. Should I be worried about this?

It looks like either of these two cameras (FZ30 or S9000) will do fine for me, the cost of a D50 with an additional macro will be too much for my budget.The S9000 looks a strong contenden right now. Thanks for your good advice, everybody!
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I think you always have the chance to get a cam that has a defect and the S9500 makes no difference. If you buy the cam be aware that it is not the best cam for you if you just want to take shots in automatic mode. You really have to take your time to learn how to produce good shots...otherwise go and get the Pana.
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Yes, I gather part of the flak the S9500 received was due to users not familiar enough with manual settings of the camera. Although you have to ask what good are the automatics if they don't produce good enough pictures?

Anyway, I am willing to go beyond the basics, it's hardly a rocket science, is it? Or maybe it is? :?
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The Panasonic FZ-30 is allready a pretty big bridge camera and the Nikon D50 isn`t that much bigger.

Depends what you really want to do with it...the FZ-30 has a terrific lens but if you are intending to do mostly macro shots then why take this camera ?

Someone said that you could buy a Nikkor 60mm f/2.8D macro lens with the Nikon D50 but this is going to cost you an extra 400 euro.

Why don`t you just do like i did and buy a Nikon D50 body + Nikkor 50mm 1.8D for the same price then the Nikon D50 with it`s kit lens (just under 600 euro) ? The 50mm 1.8D is a terrific and cheap standard lens ,much much better then the 18-55mm kit lens.

If you are not convinced just go have a look at my album,make sure you see the macro pictures in there original formats.....you`ll be pretty impressed.....i don`t knownany camera for less then 600 euro that will preduce such results :

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