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I am having trouble making a decision between the Rebel XT and the Nikon D70.

I will be using the camera mostly for landscape photography though on some of my future trips to national parks I would like to try some wildlife photography.

Things I like about the Canon
8 Mp
Good price and current rebate from Canon
ISO 100
LCD Image can show overexposed highlights after shot

Things I don't like about the Canon
Grip is awkward
No Spot meter

Things I like about the Nikon
Comfortable Grip
Spot Meter
Grid Line over lay in View Finder
Ability for shutter release cable (D70S only not D70)
Kit lens is very nice

Things I don't like about the Nikon
Only 6 MP
No ISO 100 setting

But I think the real issue is boiling down to 6Mp vs 8Mp

Is an increase in image quality noticable with the 8Mp vs 6 MP camera at prints up to 11 x 14". I know that the extra Mp will be useful if you need to crop.

I currently have an Olympus 765UZ and I use the spot meter function a lot. But I don't know what % the Olympus spot is. Nikon claims the spot in the D70 is 1% but the photog mags a have measured it closer to 3 or 4 %. The Canon has a partial mode which is 9%. Is that still small enough for effective spot metering.

Anything you can tell me - good or bad about these cameras that will help me make a decision will be greatly appreciated.

Ira Idelson
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First both a very good cameras. I doubt you'll notice the difference between 6mp and 8mp. You'll be able to to print great 8x10's and very good 11x14 with either camera. Yes you'll be able to crop a little more with the XT, but I'm a believer in getting the composition right before shooting...anytime you crop, you lose a little quality when enlarging. The D70 is a slight step up from the XT. Nikons D50 is the direct competitor with the XT..it offers the same image quality (actually even better at high ISO's) while cutting out (or burying in menu's) some of the more advanced features. Some of my opinionsare:

Since you'll be shooting landscapes you'll find the grid lines and better build quality of the D70 very helpful.

The D70 also has the ability to show overexposed highlights after capture.

I wouldn't worry much about the 200 minimum iso of the D70. Noise for allintents and purposes is absent at 200 and 400, and the camera will provide usable images at all iso's. On the other hand the XT has a max iso of 3200 which is a nice option to have.

The canon folks will insist that image quality is better and will be able to provide more detailed opinions about the XT why you should choose it over the D70. I'm sure you'll find Canon and Nikon users are fiercely loyal to their cameras (which is a good thing) Either way, I don't think you can go wrong. No camera is perfect. I suggest you try them both out and see which one feels and works the best for you. You'll be happy with either camera.
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