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I'm new to this forum and I've not yetmade the transitionto the world of SLR photography. I currently have a Canon Digital Elph, and I would like to graduate to a digital SLR camera. I was told that Nikon is the choice of professional photographers (more than any other manufacturer), and I should start there...butIlike my little Canon, and it has performed flawlessly since I purchased it. So the two cameras I'm considering are the D70 and the 20D.Is one a better choice? what are the pros and cons to each?

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Point N Shoot,

You have already seen that SLR owners tend to be extremely brand specific. Canon folks will tell you Canon is the only way to go as they own 60% of the DSLR market. Nikon owners will tell you pros only trust Nikon, etc...

The truth of the matter is that both manufacturers make great cameras. Which manufacturer and model you choose is driven by what camera featurs are important to your style of photography and personal preference.

Taking user preference for controls asside, the D70 and 20D aren't exact competitors. IMO, the cameras stack up in this order:

Nikon D200

Canon 20D / 30D

Nikon D70 or D50 (each has pluses and minus)

Canon 350

The D70 was released by Nikon as competition for the Canon 300D so it falls a bit short of the 20D. While the D200 by all accounts bests the 20D (the 30d was a minor upgrade from the 20D and is really more of a 20D Mk II) in most areas except high ISO performance.

All of the above are good cameras and you'll be happy with any of them. If you let us know what types of photography you are interested in - that may drive you towards one or the other. In the end, I would suggest handling the cameras you're considering - ergonomics are an important step. In the mean time ignore those who say only one brand is the way to go. The truth is there are plenty of pros who use Canon and plenty who use Nikon. There are also plenty of happy users from other manufacturers (KM - now Sony, Pentax, Olympus).
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Thank you John...I appreciate the input. I've done a little research on the different cameras, and the Canon 20D has received rave reviews from many different independent sources. I have been extremely pleased with the performance, as well as the build quality (fit and finish) of my Canon P&S...so perhaps the 20D would be a good choice. I guess I just want to start with the proper platform since the camera body is only the first step. Is there one company that offers a better choice lenses and/or accessories...or is it really a level playing field between the two?

At first my photography will consist of essentially the same things it doesnow; thepeople I know, the places I visit, and the pets I love. However, my ultimate goal is to unleash my creative side and learnthe "art" ofphotography. I want to learn how to master the"manual" modesof an SLR, know exactly which lens to choose for each situation, manipulate light and shadow, frame subjects/objects, macro photography, etc.
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Both Canon and Nikon are good brands in general. I've owned Fuji and Canon P&S, and when it was time to buy a DSLR, I went with Nikon's D50. I tried Canon's RebXT but I returned it since it was too small for my hand.

Between the D70s, D50 and 20D, PLUS a good walk-around lens here are your best options:

1) 20D with 17-85 IS USM ($1470)
2) D70s with 18-200 VR ($1400)
3) D50 with 18-200 VR ($1300)

I admit the 18-200 VR is currently in great demand, and very hard to find, but from the options above, my picks would be in the following order: #3, #2 and #1.

Hope this helps.

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