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bob1xxx Jun 4, 2005 5:58 AM

Ok I going on cool 10 day trip this summer to washington dc and Im think of getting a news digital slr record my travels round dc the surround areas and the new air space museum a at dullas airport. Ive kind of narrow it down to two cameras I d70 and 300d and maybe even canon 350xt. So far I handle the cameras several different time and I like the feel and speed of focus I get with the d70. The rebel 350xt 8mp may be nice but it almost too small for my big hands feels cramped and hard to hold. The orginal canon rebel 300d feels decent, is cheaper, but leaves me underwhelmed in the low light focus area using it flash (as does 350xt) for lowlight focus assistance. Well the major question is which camera produces the nicest pictures ,btw I think of geting tamrons new 18-200mm digtial zoom lens if I get ethier of the canons and but I think I'll use the stock kit lens on the nikon. BTW I'm not a slave to nikon or canon because Ive used both there 35mm slrs over the years with good results and olympus c 2020 and c5050 for last 5years but want setup my digital picture to dslr level picture quality. I love to hear from any one with a construction ideas and sugestion especially and one who used both d70 vs rebel 300d or 350xt or all three of the Thanx Bob S

bob1xxx Jun 7, 2005 5:00 AM

Wow Really no has a oppion on which is the better dslr the canons or the nikon wow thats simple amazing?

Lidodido Jun 7, 2005 2:59 PM

I'm in the exact same situation, buying a camera in a price range up to the D70s, and from what I feel now it's leaning to the D70s.

I will take a lot of pictures in the nature, and as far as I get it, the Nikon D70 (and the D70s) captures the colors better, so I think it will fit better for that. I think the Rebel XT takes sharper images, perhasp with a little bit less noise, but I'm not sure. If anything, the Rebel XT at least is a lot smaller, and if it is Rebel vs. D70 (d70s) as in your case, I'd go for the D70.

About the lens I don't know, I'm also unsure of what lens will be good.

gibsonpd3620 Jun 7, 2005 3:15 PM

My son has the 300 and it is a great camera. I own the 20d which is a much better camera. I have shot with the d70 and it also a great camera. I would rate the the d70 as a better camera than the 300.

wburychka Jun 7, 2005 3:41 PM

I suspect the DSLR people mostly hang out in their respective DSLR forums.

Here's an opinion from someone with a 350D and a 20D, andwho has had a 300D. I think the 350D, aka Rebel XT, is the best value in DSLRs. There is no question about it. Low noise 8MP sensor (one-third more pixels than the D70 gives more room to crop and/or better detail), instant ON or instant wake-up, many custom functions, access to the entire Canon EF and EF-S line of lenses--which is a bigger selection than Nikon. Canon is also king of image stabilization, with more IS lenses than all other mfrs. combined.

As to size of the XT, I had the same issue. Also, the cam was so light it wouldn't counterbalance a Canon 100-400LIS zoom. And when I held it there was no place for my little finger. I added the BG-E3 battery grip, and the camera was transformed. The weight is greater now--just the way I like it--and it has an excellent right-hand grip, two-battery holder, and it looks like a baby 1DMkII Combined with the Canon 17-85mmImage Stabilizedlens (35mm FOV equivalent to 27-136mm), it is the ultimate walkaround-on-vacation camera.

The Tamron 18-200mm is probably a good lens. With that long a focal length and no image stabilization, however, I need a tripod or at least a beanbag to steady it.

Canon woke up the other DSLR mfrs with the Digital Rebel in 2003. After Digital Rebel sales of more than double Canon's expectations, Nikon released the N70 with, not surprisingly, more features than the D Rebel. Since then, Canon has developed its superfast DigicII processor and further refined its CMOS sensor manufacturing. The 20D is the undisputed king of consumer-grade DSLRs. Everyone else is so far behind that Canon is being called the Microsoft of DSLRs. The 350D/RebelXT has most of the capabilities of the 20D.

Minolta had a good idea with its anti-shake built into the camera, but the cam is $200 more than the 20D and is stuck with a 6MP sensor. Only someone with a largeinvestment inMinolta lenses would consider that a first choice DSLR. Pentax is another also-ran in the DSLR race. Too late with a camera name no one could pronounce. Olympus committed to the 4/3 CCD sensor. The cameras are too expensive,the sensor is noisy, and third party support is minimal. Sigma had not had the will or the resources to fully develop and exploit the Foveon sensor, and that's a shame. Like Rearden Metal of an Ayn Rand novel, the Foveon sensor is being crushed by the mainstream. If Foveon had signed a deal with Canon instead of Sigma, who knows where digital photography might be today...but that's a digression. Kodak never made a consumer DSLR and has recently announced the discontinuation of its pro DSLRs.

This really leaves Canon and Nikon as the main stream of consumer DSLRs. All the third party lens and accessory manufacturers are solidly behind those two cameras. If one has a large investment in Minolta or Pentax lenses, those brands might still make sense, but for someone just starting, I don't think they do. Canon has the resources, and has demonstrated the intent, to stay on top. Anyone who expects to be a long term DSLR user has got to consider Canon first.

miatapaul Jun 8, 2005 1:23 AM

First if you use the search you will find several topics on this. That is why you have not received more replies. This is really not a fair comparison. The D70 is better than the 300D but perhaps not better than the 350D. They just kind of keep leapfrogging each other. The 300 came out in August of 2003, which is ages ago in the digital world. It really boils down to what lens system you want to be tied down to. The typical SLR owner will spend many times more on lenses than the body. I think I am going to go with Canon (350D) because I think there lens line offers a better line up. I am in the minority as to liking the XT's size. I like the fact that it is light and small. I plan on including the battery grip so I can choose between comfortable handling and compact light weight. I am torn though as the Nikon flash system seems much better. But for me it is mostly about good quality images, and the 100 iso is so noise free on the XT and is much better at higher iso.

I think the Canon advantages are:

Better image quality (less noise)
Faster/more accurate focus
Slightly better resolution
Mirror lockup

Nikon advantages:

Better exposure control
Much better "kit" lens
Better flash sync speed and flash control
The D70 seems to be easier to operate, less need to go into menus

Comparing the D70 to the 300D or original digital rebel you get much slower response, especially start up time, and to a lesser degree (at least for my style of shooting) shot to shot time. Much less manual control, unless resorting to the hacked firmware.

Bottom line is you cannot really go wrong with either. It is a major decision as once you are in one camp it is hard to jump ship. They are not really priced the same, the 300D is much less, about $300. The 350 is about $100 less, but the lens quality makes up most of the difference. The Canon kit lens is often called garbage, it is not, but it is a $100 lens. Both in lens quality and build, I figure get it and get used to the camera. I have seen some spectacular results with it.

Geeek204 Jun 21, 2005 11:55 PM

Don't forget, almost everything for the Nikon is cheaper!!! So now you have to decide. Cheap accessories or better pictures.....


13 years old with a Canon Digital Rebal (300D for the slower mind), 28-80mm Canon Lens, and Sigma 70-300mm Lens on the way!

bob1xxx Jun 22, 2005 2:48 AM

Well guess what folks I got a insane deal on rebel xt 350d on ebay. After alot of window shopping at ritz's and samys cameras in the los angeles area I found the rebel XT was comfortable in my hand, had a excellent feature set and most import excellent photo quality I took the plunge and got the camera off a ebay for a guy who upgraded to a canon 20d. Im also ordering online the sigma 18-125 zoom lens and sigma FLASH EF-500 DG ST for a great walk about vaction kit for my august washington dc trip. thank you guys for the posts and all the helpful advise :bye:

wburychka Jun 22, 2005 8:09 AM

Geeek204 wrote:

Don't forget, almost everything for the Nikon is cheaper!!! So now you have to decide. Cheap accessories or better pictures.....


13 years old with a Canon Digital Rebal (300D for the slower mind), 28-80mm Canon Lens, and Sigma 70-300mm Lens on the way!

Nikon 500mm F4--$7,200. Canon 500mm F4 with Image Stabilization--$5,500. Maybe your math is different from mine, but with mine, Canon looks like the better price.

Re: "slower mind". I hope I don't run into the "slower mind" people you reference, as they would have to be R E A L L Y S L O W to not be able to spell REBEL! But then maybe that word isn't taught until the ninth grade in California, eh?

Geeek204 Jun 22, 2005 9:54 AM

What I ment was flashes and stuff. As for the Rebel spelling I copy and paste that, and when I typed it I had just finished studing for finals:? My brain was having a hard time remembering other things that were not the test. :G They should really put a spell checker on here.....

Here is the correct one:

13 years old with a Canon Digital Rebel (300D for the  slower mind), 28-80mm Canon Lens, and Sigma 70-300mm Lens on the  way!

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