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View Poll Results: Wich camera is the best entry slr camera.???
Canon 400D 7 25.93%
Nikon 80D 13 48.15%
Sony Alpha 7 25.93%
Voters: 27. You may not vote on this poll

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Old Aug 25, 2006, 1:31 AM   #1
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So this is the new competition, all 10 mp cameras...

I want one... :?

But is too early to decided witch one...

Can we say wich is better ???

or have to wait ???

Take care people

I start the poll
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Old Aug 25, 2006, 2:53 AM   #2
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seing as two of them haven´t even entered the market yet i think it´s pretty hard to say.

For me it comes down to iso noise...... I´ll be Waiting for steve to "handle" them(canon and nikon ).
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Old Aug 25, 2006, 8:49 AM   #3
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The D80 is a bit above entry level...the D50 is Nikon's entry level offering. It is impossible to pick a "winner" as the D80 and 400d are not yet available. Even when they are available, there probably won't be a clear winner. They will all probably do a good job, and the which one is best will depend on who's using it.
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Old Aug 25, 2006, 1:43 PM   #4
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A new contender enters the fray.
Canon 400D just announced.
I have been waiting (patiently) for Steve to reach a conclusion on the Sony A100.
Web browsing suggests not all users are thrilled --noise mechanically as well as digitally at iso>400
Obviously IS in body is a huge plus but upgrade lenses are hugely expensive. What are the bundled lens and the 75-300 zoom like?
Canon seems to have a greater range of availble lenses that can be used with the newly announced Rebel XTi with only moderate price increase.
I tried the Sony A100 and found the whites to be "burned out" on the auto setting.
Any advice out there would be greatly appreciated
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Old Aug 28, 2006, 6:57 PM   #5
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Hi all,

registered here just because I read this thread. I'm going to buy a DSLR as well and those are also the three I am considering. I haven't read any reviews of the 400D but I think this will be the one that I'll get together with a 28-135mm IS lense. I never had a digital SLR, I'm still shooting with a 20 year old D70 :-)

There were some tests of the Sony in recent photomags and it got good ratings but is more noisy than the 350D. What I find most attractive about the Sony is the stabilizer built into the camera. I still have to find a good reason why I should choose the D80. I need a good lense to start with, don't have much cash and I don't see anything compareable to the 28-135mm IS lense offered by Nikon.

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Old Aug 28, 2006, 7:27 PM   #6
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Agreed with the above posters.

2 of them arent even for sale yet, and specifications & speculations never took a beautiful picture as far as I can tell...

A camera is never the same as it is on paper. (or computer screen)

I for one do not like the elimination of an LCD on the XTi. in my book, that's sacrificing handling for compactness...

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Old Aug 28, 2006, 9:29 PM   #7
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How do we get Steve to complete his review of the Sony a100?
Hopefully he will review the XTi and the D80 as well.
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Old Aug 29, 2006, 1:36 AM   #8
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I feel the need to be bias towards the Sony Alpha A100 since it is selling so cheaply here for 800+ USDs. And it is also having some advantages over the Nikon D80. (below).

The Nikon D80 will cost 999 USDs WITHOUT lens! Nikon is EVIL and SONY is good,Sonyhave been very good to me. (They actually replaced a new lens, image sensor, motherboard, and LCD parts in my N1 camerafor free although it was "self-inflicted damage"). Furthermore, the warranty seal was also non existence at that time; yet they did everything up nicelyfor me as good asnew! I thank them heartily and on to the comparisons now below>>>

Lets see what the Nikon D80 has over the Alpha A100;

B&W mode with filters (Something you can do better in photoshop), Auto ISO custormizableup to ISO 1600, ISO 3200 feature (Pretty noverty feature), noise reduction; (low, medium, high, off), 2 more focus points than A100 (Neccessary?), viewfinder grid lines, in camera image editing (Something better done in photoshop), and thepentaprism viewfinder.

The thing that buck me most in the Nikon D80 is the B&W mode with filters and the pentaprism viewfinder with gridlines. I have to keep ensuring myself that the B&W with filtersfeature is only a novelty feature in the camera. (Something better done in photoshop). And the pentamirrorTTL viewfinder of the A100 is also bright and clear according to dpreview. (Shouldn't be a problem).

Now, what does the Sony Alpha A100 dSLR haveover the Nikon D80? Lets find out below;

Super Steady Shot. This is the image sensor based image stabilizer system that claims the 3.5 stops of handheld advantage; (I think it is better for you to read below)

Fight Blur With Your Camera, Not Your Lens

The DSLR-A100 camera is engineered to combat blurry pictures through high light sensitivity (up to ISO 1600) and Super SteadyShot® image stabilization, a Sony technology that shifts the image sensor to compensate for camera movement. 

Because Super SteadyShot is built into the camera body, all compatible telephoto, wide-angle, standard and macro lenses are automatically image-stabilized. This also allows from two to 3-1/2 stops of latitude in exposure, which supports hand-held shooting at longer shutter speeds than would otherwise be possible. In the end, you have more opportunities to shoot in natural lighting without a tripod or a flash.
The second feature on the A100is the dust buster; (Read below)

Get Dust under Control

"For D-SLR camera users," Neal said that, "dust is the enemy."

Dust collects on the image sensor, usually when lenses are changed, and appears as annoying spots in photos, which then need to be retouched later. Sony's new system offers a novel, two-pronged approach to fighting dust.

The camera's CCD image sensor has an indium tin oxide coating to avoid static build-up so that dust does not readily adhere. Additionally, when you turn the camera on or off, an anti-dust feature is activated to literally shake off dust particles.
Thirdly, it is the advance dynamic range optimizer; (Let the text below explain it)

Innovative Approach to Deliver Exceptional Image Quality

The α (Alpha) DSLR-A100 will be the only D-SLR camera that can optimize dynamic range, meaning the range from highlights to shadows, including gain and contrast, through in-camera hardware processing.

Sony's Dynamic Range Optimizer (DRO) analyzes the captured image data and instantly determines the best exposure and color tonality of an image before JPEG compression. Unlike software optimization of a processed image, DRO is performed in the hardware. It is the first hardware-based DRO solution with the speed required for high-speed shooting.
Unlike the D-lighting in the Nikon D80, the advanceDRO in the A100 is hardware based and works in a flit second before the image is captured.

Other things that the A100 have over the Nikon D80 is the anti-reflective coating on the clear photo LCD plus TFT LCD for use under direct sunlight, viewfinder eye-start AF for faster auto-focusing, compact flash type I/II, Memory Stick Duo / Pro Duo via CF adapter card compatibility and supports FAT16 / FAT32. The A100 also accepts microdrives wherebout the D80 only accept SD cards.

Price wise, I think the Sony A100 beats the Nikon D80 hands down.

The A100 is selling for 888 USDs here with lens. Dpreviews says US$879!

As for the Canon EOS 400D with it's 900 USD kit price, I will see how it can fare with the SONY A100 dSLR! :-)

Just for your information, I am NOT planning for an A100, I am just facinated at how much cheaper it is compared to the Nikon D80 (Both in the same league).

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Old Aug 29, 2006, 4:15 PM   #9
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The Sony would also be my choice but the review on http://www.dcresource.com put me off. It's too noisy for me as I want to be able to shoot in quite low lit scenery. The sample pictures provided also looked a little too blurry for my taste. I also read some lense reviews now and think I'd better just get a 350D, the 28-135mm IS lense and another lense shortly after I recieved the camera. I'm not quite shure if my decision is the right one for two reasons however and would be grateful if someone can give me a hint:

1. I want rather crisp pictures and read in some other threads that many favor Nikons because they are sharper? Is that true?

2. I don't like the feeling of a 350D. I went to a store today to check it out and it's actually too small for my hands and feels cheap.

What lense would you get with a Nikon D80 (pricier I know - might also wait for the 400D then). I couldn't find anything compareable to the 28-135mm lense for the Nikon. I wish there would be a similar VR lense. Should I consider third party lenses?
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Old Aug 30, 2006, 2:02 AM   #10
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Nikon is EVIL and SONY is good, Sony have been very good to me.
No actually Sony is evil. Sony music compromised tens of thousands of computers with a rootkit to prevent users from using iTunes. They are the only commercial company ever to have pulled that kind of stunt, and in the IT industry we're still feeling the effects.

Had much spam lately? Had your credit card or bank details stolen? Forced to watch a million porn pop-ups? Sony has played quite a role in making those things happen to tens of thousands of computer users worldwide.

I swore then never to buy another product with a Sony badge.

Nikon is slightly evil too. They encrypt the white-balance information in their RAW files. Once those images are taken they should be the property of the PHOTOGRAPHER who took them. They did this to try to force photographers to buy their RAW processing software which a) isn't very good b) is very expensive. They have now made a deal with Adobe so that as long as you use Adobe software you can decrypt your white-balance settings, but still try to pretend that their software is better than photoshop. For novice users this is a very immoral and underhanded method of adding some hidden costs that they might not be aware of.

I am very inclined not to buy Nikon products because of the white balance encryption.

Canon give away DPP (some quite decent software) as part of the purchase price of the camera and have never encrypted any part of a RAW file, nor have they been responsible for a major IT security issue. So when it comes to dealing fairly with their customers they have the moral high ground.

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