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dmz19 Feb 12, 2007 5:23 PM

Sold my Sony W5 which seemed to be a great camera for everyday use - mostly family pics, my two Beagles, hiking, etc.

Considered Canon SD800/IS but decided more camera than I need so back to a decision between the Nikon P4 or staying with a Sony. Noticed the Sony is a faster camera but certainly not the reason to buy.

Anybody have experiance with any of these cameras that might be able to over some hints, ideas, suggestions?

Tried the Fuji F30 which is a great camera but the photos were missing something - my old Sony took some great pis - not sure the new ones are better or not. Occassional need of an 8X10 but most are smaller.

What is going to give me the best image quality while minimizing red-eye in a point and shoot for my use?

Thanks for any comments suggestions!

mtclimber Feb 12, 2007 8:56 PM


IMHO: The Nikon P-4 is pretty average, excepting the IS feature that Nikon calls VR. However, the Sony W-100 which uses a larger imager than the Nikon P-4, thus making it less likely to exhibit noise in your higher ISO images, is price about $40 to $50 LESS than the Nikon P-4.

If the choice was mine to make I would opt for the Sony W-100 which is a very small/compact camera with great image quality and higer ISO capabilities. Should you worry that the Sony W-100 does not have IS? To me, that is not a deal killer. But you will have to make up your own mind. Had the Nikon P-4 been a better digital camera. my decision might have been different.

However, I will ask you to take alsotake a look at the Canon A-710IS which has IS, or image stabilization and a lot of rather excellent features. The A-710 IS has received great reviews and it is right in yourbudget range.


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