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AHOLLA Apr 12, 2006 5:52 PM

Hi im looking to buy my first (decent) point and shot camera. Im quite fussy about design and really want to buy a black camera. Im in the UK and the for the same price can get the above cameras, however the S3 is silver.

Now i guess the S3 is better than the S1 due to its number but often see the S1 priced higher. I am aware that the S1 is only 5.1 mega pixels compared to 6 mega pixels of the S3. Im not really bothered about this, 5 is enough for me!

And what about the casio, i take it it has a better battery but have got used to the idea on an internal lense.

So if you had to choose which one would you pick, this is at the very top of my budget so dont really want to look at pricier cameras.



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