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Malakei Jul 6, 2006 9:38 PM

I originally had 2 cameras in mind, rebel and d50

then my choices expanded to those as well as samsung 815 and lumix fz30

Now i have no idea ive read reviews on many cameras and now i have no idea what to get. Looking to spend about 5-600 on ebay so probably a 6-700 or so i suppose street price online.

Someone whos tried many cameras would be the best but anyone whos extremely happy with their camera and the pics they produce in all situations.

Basically its mostly for just pleasure as a toy and for good quality memories. I likely wont be printing anything larger then 8x10 so its not necessarily important for a hugh MP cam, but it IS important to have high quality in all situations, light conditions, movements etc. Build quality and looks are a nice bonus. SD card is preferable not necessary though. Battery life is a big deal. I have a 10MP camera and the batteries die in minutes. Movie mode would be a plus but also not necessary. Zoom of 4 times optical MINIMUM or in the case of slr thats n/a.

Can't think of that much more but any suggestions would be great. MUST BE HIGHER END PICTURE QUALITY, comparable to DSLR at stock 18-55mm lense because i am a stickler for detail.

Any suggestions would be great thanks again guys

mtclimber Jul 7, 2006 9:55 AM

Based on you last sentence about quality, IMHO only a DSLR camera is going to satisfy your needs for high quality, high resolution photos. All of the consumer DSLR cameras will meet that need.

If you want the biggest bang for the buck, take a look at the Olympus E-500 two lens kit, the Pentax DL (there is a $100 rebate currently being offered), or a Nikon refurbished D-50 which sells for around $399.

If you want a big name camera go with either the Canon 350D/XT or the Nikon D-50. However, in any case, head for a camera stop or store and physically handle any camera that you are considering, before buying it. No further research required, just a bit of camera handling, and refining your selection.


milrodpxpx Jul 10, 2006 12:09 PM

i agree with the last post. don't get a prosumer if you want good image quality, a dSLR is the only way to go. the $100 rebate on the pentax ist DL brings the price to under $400 at some retailers with a kit lens. used pentax lenses to expand your zoom range can also be had online for well under $100 (see for example, or ebay). i just sold my panny fz30 after having it for 8 months...i couldn't take the quality of the images on my pc, though i do admit it made nice printouts. but, you can have the same zoom range with the pentax and an extra lens or two, and be right around the same price point. it really is a no brainer, and would have been for me too if there were any dslr anywhere close to that price when i originally bought the fz30. good luck in your choice!

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