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First off, I know tht I could just upgrade to a better lens than the Kit lens that comes with the Canon 350D. But I'm thinking of selling the 350D as I'm in a good position on getting a good deal out of it. I'd only have to pay like ~$80 for the upgrade from the 350D to the 400D (both standard kit).

Warning: [I Know very little about lenses]

What i'm looking for:
A good camera with SHARP pictures and HDR capable (EV settings)
A good lens or lenses for A) Portraits and B) beatyfull landscape picturing.

(I know only the photographer can make photos beatyfull.... but the gadgets cant hurt :roll

Here come the questions:

A) Should I buy the 400D body and spend some extra on a good all-round lens ( A lens that is pretty fair in all regions).

B) Should I buy the 400D and get two lenses, one all-round and one more macro (close shots like for portraits and other close-ups)

C) Should I spend a little extra and get teh Nikon D200 standard kit?

Other questions:
1) Does anybody know how these lenses are with the Canon 400D:
* Sigma 28-70mm f2.8-4 HIGH SPEED lens
* Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 DG Macro Lens

2) Does teh Nikon D200 offer a better/faster HRD setting? I mean, is it possible to set the AWB to snap at high speed 3 photos ranging from +2 - 0 - -2 EV atomatically? Or would that also be possible on the Canon 400D?
This would give better results taking HDR pictures of things that aren't still.

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Well if you are considering abandoning the Canon platform then the Pentax K10Dshould be in your view of consideration... with the Nikon 200 as alternative (as well as cheaper and internal ANY lens made for Pentax... even old manuals IS... neither Canon or Nikon offers.
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Old Mar 24, 2007, 9:31 AM   #3
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I have to say I'm not familiar with the term: HDR

When you say EV -2 to EV +2, that sounds like exposure bracketing to me. ALL dslrs offer exposure bracketing so that isn't an issue.

I doubt you'd hear any arguments against the thought the D200 is the better camera of the two. It really is outstanding.

As to Pentax - I think Pentax is an outstanding value IF (big IF here) you don't mind buying lenses on the used market and you don't mind manual focus lenses. If you're OK with those concepts then pentax offers a lot of bang for the buck. If you prefer to buy new and want autofocus on all your lenses I think the canon and nikon systems offer a lot more flexibility and just as importantly lens availability (pentax lenses have a tendancy to be backordered due to the recent popularity).

Now, you say you want to shoot landscapes and portraits - but neither of the lenses you mention (Sigma 24-70 and 70-300) would I consider as either a portrait (unless you're talking studio portrait work where the 24-70 would be good)OR a landscape lens. The 70-300 isn't really good for either purpose and most would consider 24mm too long for landscape work. What types of portrait work do you want to do?Depending on the answer that will drive what lens is appropriate. You should also understand that for portrait work, lighting is the most critical aspect. So, reflectors, a good external flash etc as a starting point - strobes, softboxes, tripods, light meters etc would follow.So, what type of portrait work are you interested in doing?

A way to approach this would be to price out kits with all 3 cameras and then you could determine if one or two of the solutions were out of the running.

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Old Mar 25, 2007, 9:10 AM   #4
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Thanks for the comments...
(Like I said, I don't know much about lenses.... if anything...hehe)

The reason I asked about those two lenses is because there was an ebay auction on a kit including these lenses.


As for your questions JhonG , I'm not looking to do any studio portarits. I'm just lookgin for a good camera with a good lens. I have seen some canon 350D shots (with non-Kit lenses) that are clearly better than any shots I have taken with my KIT lens.

So to refrase my "topic" help question:
If buying one lens: What lense should I get that is a good allround lens?
If buying two lenses: What lenses is a good portrait/macro lens and then what lense is good for landscape?

P.s.: I probaly wouldn't whan't to be changing lenese alot, exspessially if I'm on a trip somewhere. So if there is a very good all-round lense that costs around 2-300 or less then that would be great.

I will also be buying a good external flash for some home, portait shots. And a tripod plus more...

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Not everyone looks at landscape photography the same way - do you want to capture grand vistas or little details? Also remember that all photography is a compromise - you have to give up something always. A lens that tries to do everything usually does little very well - you give up quality to get convenience.

Since you don't know much about lenses and focal lengths, take a look at this website: http://www.tamroneurope.com/flc.htm- it's a nice tool to show you what you will see with various focal lengths. That's probably the first thing you need to decide - what lens matches with what you like to take, under the conditions you take them?

Macro lenses don't make the best choice for "portrait" lenses - normally macro lenses are very sharp (you want to see the scales on the lizard or the hairs on an insect) but a girl doesn't like to see the pores on her skin in a portrait. You'd have to use software to get a softer, more pleasing appearance with people if you use a macro lens.

Decide what focal lengths you want/need and then go from there. And just what I've seen - the best camera in the world will take a mediocre picture with a mediocre lens.
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