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"I never claimed that the S5 was good for low light action shots... "

"I know the S5 doesn't do well in the upper ISO settings... "

I know...I just wanted you to admit it - thanks.

"Don't let the hun get you down. He gets into it with anyone who disagrees with him."

Now wolfie...that was totally uncalled for - and untrue. I only get 'into it' with people who have an attitude...

"You are just another internet bully."

"I have better things to do with my time than to argue with the likes of you."

Know what I mean?

the Hun

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I tip my hat to you. Those are some really great photos! That Canon 20D really is worth drasgging out, now and then.

Sarah Joyce
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mtclimber wrote:

I tip my hat to you. Those are some really great photos!

Sarah Joyce

Thank you! I appreciate that!
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Hi BeyondPeru,

Just to add my ha'pennyworth, although I think I'm too late...did you look at the KM A2? It looks like it matches nearly all your requirements bar the 10+ zoom and batteries; it's got a larger sensor than most, 28-200mm zoom, anti-shake, the LCD changes angle AND the viewfinder tilts up too, and it detects eye movement at the viewfinder and swaps power from the LCD to the viewfinder, to save power (that is SOOO neat.) The zoom is operated manually, as you would with an SLR, which means it's quiet and you can zoom whilst videoing.ALL the functions are accessible via controls on the camera as well as the LCD menu.

You can pick them up pretty cheap via Ebay now. I know it's a few years old now - but if you use DP reviews site to compare the specs, there's very little between it and the more recent superzooms...and in some respects it's better....it's got a larger sensor than the FZ-18 for a start...
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