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Hi all- Have an oly 3040, very happy all these years, but it's beeen, well, all these years and I'm ready for something new. Was using a telephoto lens with the oly and would rather have the convenience of a long zoom. So, here's where I'm at: Canon s2, Kodak p850, Kodak p880, or fuji s9000.

Pana fz30 - was on the list for quite a while, but on the pana forum and other cam review sites, I see 50% gorgeous shots, and 50% loaded with noise shots, and I think I'm hearing everyone say that some sort of post -noise reduction is almost always necessary .

Kodaks - like the specs on the 880, don't like the manual push up flash and lack of IS - but is it really necessary with these zoom numbers? Also holding me back on this one is the lack ofreviews and user pics. Didn't both cams come out around the same time? I'm finding a lot less info on the 880. Is it just too soon to consider this camera?

850 - Love the shots that I've seen, wish for a twinge more mps.Canon S2 - ditto.

Fuji - love all the specs, but woo, at almost 2 lbs that's a heavy camera.

Money's not the issue.

Soccer mom, musician mom, travel, portraits, printing 5x7, 8x10, very rarely anything larger but who know when I'll want to. Love the low light functionality on the Oly. Movie mode, even though I don't use it a ton, is a fun feature and (the lack of it) issteering me away from digital SLRs.

Thanks - I appreciate any and all responses.

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Stabilization is a good feature. You can handhold shots in much more varied light. It doesn't help for subject motion though.

I have two cameras that you physically raise the flash and wish all cameras were that way. We probably have different shooting habits. The only time any camera I have ever owned has been in auto-flash mode is by accident. I either want the flash or I don't, and like being able to look at the camera and know whether the flash will fire. You can keep it in the flash mode you normally use and turn it on and off without referring to the icon on the screen or having to cycle through modes to get the one you want.

If you like movies it is hard to beat the S2. You can optical zoom while filming and have wind buffered stereo microphones. 5Mp is a limitation if you want to print larger than 11 X 14 though.

Noise is a relative thing. If you are going to print a 16 X 20 for your wall you might want to do some noise reduction. But viewed normally onscreen or printed at snapshot size you won't see a lot of noise unless you crank up the ISO. Keep in mind that stabilization will let you handhold at ISO 100 where you would need ISO 800 for the same shot without stabilization. Pbase has nearly 4000 FZ30 images. Take a look at them. People who view images 100% where you have to scroll around the screen to see the whole thing can find noise. But most of the FZ30 owners seem quite happy with them. http://www.pbase.com/cameras/panasonic/lumix_dmc_fz30

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You may find this link interesting http://www.videozona.ru/photo_tests/...Z30_page05.asp

I felt the way you did about the FZ 20 and 30s until I saw the raw data from the pan and fuji on page 3, I realize its in russian you can translate it but the bits in english are enough to get the jist of the tests. Heres the original thread about it http://www.stevesforums.com/forums/v...mp;forum_id=16

Essentially the pan and fuji pics are identical when veiwed from raw as far as noise its just the in camera noise reduction that makes the fuji appear better which also softens the pic somthing that bothers me more than noise.

With the IS on in the panasonic, as evident in the initial pics of the tests the pan pics are much better and can be taken at 80 ISO because of the IS, where the fuji has to ramp up the ISO causing noise and you also notice some softness in the fuji. Also you will find pics of a doll both the pan and fuji at 80 ISO and no IS, the pan images are better.

As far as the Kodak I also had a hard time finding images as well. I havent been impressed with the kodak cameras and most hardcore photographers Ive spoken withhavent been either, maybe that explains the lack of pics.

I finally chose the FZ20 I thought I never would find a digital camera to replace my SLR equipment but I have now and am in the process of thinking about selling them but its hard to let them go for sentimental reasons. :roll:

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