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kolyan Mar 12, 2008 8:02 PM

* t50 flash is more powerfull
* in auto w/flash t50 used ISO 320 while t300 used ISO800 on the same picture (wierd)
* in auto t300 w/ ISO 800 w/flash images looked alittle worse then images on t50 w/320 and flash, but images in "P" mode on t300 and ISO 400 looked horrible (noisy and dark)
* vibration correction on t300 is better then on t50
* zoom button on t300 in really nice and is a big improvment over t200 (t50 is still more comfortable but it does have 3'' LCD vs 3.5'' on T300 and t200 so no room for buttons)
* both t300 and t50 are about the same wieght and size (t300 is just alittle slimmer)
* t300 has wider lens (33mm vs 35mm)
* optical zoom on t300 is 5x vs 3x on t50

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