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Here's my 2c...go buy both cameras, take some shots, keep the one you like best and return the other.

Now, in case you don't want to do that (far whatever reason), let me say that even though I don't have the S5, I had the opportunity to take some shots with one a few months ago. I do have the FZ18 and I really like its 28mm lens for indoors and landscape photography.As for flash performance, I could not disagree more with Sarah. I find the FZ18 flash to be very very good, specially if using higher ISO settings (BTW, noise is not present when flash is used). I've been taking family pictures since I got the camera and I hardly miss a shot when I use flash (whether full or fill flash). The WB is very accurate and the exposure and focus are spot on.The FZ18 also focus real fast, even in low light situations. So, I think it boils down to the extra 6x zoom. If you want that in camera (no need to take extra converters with you), then the FZ18 is the way to go.On the other hand, if 12x zoom is enough for you or you don't mind spending the xtracash buying the lens adapter + tele-converter + WA converter in case you want to increase the focal range (both WA and tele), then the S5 is a good choice. It certainly hasbetter video capabilities and, as someone mentioned, hot shoe (not a biggie for me since I'm not that big on flash photography). Me?I'd go with the FZ18. It's much more versatile. It's light, battery consumption is very good, flash recharge is fast and performance is good, very good AF system and a beautiful Leica lens that produces virtually no distortion at 28mm or pincushion at 504mm.It's the best long zoom camera out there (15x and higher), IMO.
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Thanks so much for all of the help. The FZ-18 is on the way to my door....I cannot wait to get it.

I'm sure more questions will follow when I get it...

Thanks so much
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Good choice. I'm sure you'll be happy with it.
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hey quick thing for anyone on here. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
Do not use any sites aside from amazon that is listed on lowpricedigital.com.
Every site is a rip off that is cheap. so considering the camera.. ignore them. check resellerratings.com first.
s5 vs fz18. My only thing from 100% experience is...
you are used to canons set up right. So typically go with them.. NO WAY the fun part is learning the camera haha.
I compared these side by side at a place I posted a few replies on what I did. But, basically the short end.
out of 30 cameras I got to have fun with in a store testing pics of pics I brought from home. Pics of my girls rings necklace etc.. lights in the store, the registers and playing with zoom...
out of all 30 cameras the s5 and fz18 were both the top 2 and 3rd was the fuji s8000fd. I know its not a help. Basically the only help on it I can shed is the lens altho 18x on the pana doesn't extend as far as the s5. I like the non erection lens it seems safer to me so I don't drop it or touch it. Being longer creates more leverage finding the weakest part
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I recently bought the FZ-18 myself for a 3 week trip to China, so it got put through it's paces. I don't regret buying it. Lurrrv that zoom!
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