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I posted about maybe wanting to upgrade to a DSLR and after reading the post and doing some research I have decided thats I'm not ready to move up that far.

Now I want to upgrade but maybe in a smaller step.

I have been researching the Canon S5is and the Canon A720is. Most of my vacation photos and such will be taken on auto but I do enjoy working with some manual settings when I have time. My current camera is a Canon A540 and I like it ok but I think the "IS" would be great and more zoom would let me take a better variety of shots.

What do you think of these two cameras? Which would you suggest for vacation, secnery and wildlife shots?

Thank you so much for any help you can give me. :-)
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Well, the S5 is definitely more feature rich:

Lens reach: both start at about same at wide end but s5 has 432mm vs. 210mm on the A720

Flash guide number: 5m on s5 vs 3.5m on a720

S5 has shutter priority and aperture priority modes which you say you occasionally like to use - the a720 doesn't have them.

S5 has face detection (although I can't testify as to how well the feature works)

BUT, the S5 is twice as heavy and quite a bit bigger (19.4oz vs. 8.8oz)

So, it's more of a pain to carry arround - which sometimes can be an issue on vacation.

And, of course, the S5 is more expensive ($350-400 vs. $200-$220 for a720).

I would suggest handling both cameras yourself. If the size/price is not an issue then the S5 is the better camera. But if it's too bulky to carry around and you leave t at home then those features don't do you any good.

Optically, both are good cameras in good light. Neither is good in poor light (all of Canon's digicams to date are fairly poor performers in low light).

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If you are looking to take an intermediate step before moving up to a DSLR, this suggests size or pocketability is not an issue.

IMHO, go with the S5IS. It gives you a little bit of the DSLR feel with its format, manual controls, ultra zoom and hot shoe. This should give you good practice for when you later move up to a DSLR.

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