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What camera will perform better, an older professional dslr or a new entry level dslr? For example, there's the eos 1d 4.2mp and there's the digital rebel xti 10.1mp.
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I'd say the newer cameras will outshine the older ones, but you need to look at the specific features you're interested in. For example, the older camera may have a larger buffer, or better metering. However, in general many of yesterday's "pro" features are now found in today's entry level dSLRs.

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Hi Prince and welcome.

It is going to depend on the sort of photography you are going to want to do and how large you will want to print your work/how much you want to crop after taking the shot. The major downside of the original 1d is that it is only 4.2mp which is by today's standards not high, however with interpolation you will be able to get this to a reasonable 15" x 10" as I have done this quite a few times from cropped images.

There are very nice features if you are shooting sports such as 45 point AF and 8fps both of which are fantastic for this work! Another advantage in getting a reduced dof (depth of field) which is desirable in both sport and portrait work is the crop factor of this camera is 1.3x rather than the 1.6 of the xti, this has a negative side that lenses don't appear to be as long so it depends what you want from a camera. I would check what warranty the camera would have and how many actuations of the shutter have been made as it is Pro leveland could have been heavily used.

Hope that gives you something to work on.

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Mark1616 and rfortson, thank you both for your comments. I will use those things as a starting point for more research.
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And don't forget that the 1D is like a M1A1 tank vs a Volkswagen when compared to the XTi both in its build quality/reliability and weight. The 1D is a pro camera in every aspect but it weighs a ton especially if you fit it with an "L" lens - carry this bad boy around for an hour, even with a padder shoulder strap and you know it

Another major difference is the shutter mechanism life, the 1D lasts about 10 times longer before failure. However technology moves on and it is amazing what you get for less than $1000 nowadays versus what cost $6K or more just a few years ago.
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