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ejbrusselsprout Feb 7, 2006 9:08 AM

hi all, my first post although i've watched these forums for a while to my benefit. wondering if someone could describe the difference between what you see in the viewfinders of these two cameras. i live in NW ontario far from stores and have only had a chance to look carefully at the e-500. i found it adequate (definitely not more than) for size but had a hard time seeing the info on the right side without moving my eye position. i'm curious what the ist dl viewfinder is like (esp. where the exposure info is placed and how easy it is to see). most comments and reviews i've seen note that the ist dl (and the other ist d models) have the biggest and brightest viewfinder outside of a pro model dslr. i wear glasses which i suspect may play into my problem seeing the info on the oly. i'm trying to decide between these two cameras andthe viewfinderis the main con for me on the oly side although price is also coming into it. i'd be gratefull for any help here. eric

ennacac Feb 7, 2006 10:40 AM

I have the DS and the veiwfinder is much brighter than any no-pro DSLR I have ever used, including Canon and Nikon. The DL is brighter, but in my opinion not as nice as the DS/DS2, which I find easier to focus with in low light. The info is at the bottom of the viewfinder and is easy to read, even with glasses and there is a diopter lever to bring things into focus also.

You will find the DL or DS to be much better than the e-500, or any other non SLR digital camera I have ever looked at, but not quite as bright as a film SLR.


ejbrusselsprout Feb 7, 2006 2:16 PM

thanks Tom , that tells me exactly what i needed to know.

at this point my budget won't allow a ds2 but this tilts me towards the dl which is starting to be priced a lot lower. thanks again, eric

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