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Default From an Oly e520 to a ... (Canon dSLR or mirrorless?)

Finally moving up in the world. A budding amateur photographer, strictly hobbyist. I shoot a lot of kids softball (track and softball) and travel/landscapes. Some indoor at family events and parties. Want the ability to advance my skills and explore a bit more RAW post-processing, and explore some newer lenses.

I'm intrigued by mirrorless and have been looking at the Olympus - I love the OM-D styling and I could repurpose a lens or two I already own. But I have some concerns about shooting sports, and their resolution is stuck at 16MP. Sony seems to take top-nods for capturing action for mirrorless, but I'd be back to starting over with lenses.

So that takes me back to a new SLR, and I'd likely lean toward Canon as I could swap lenses with some family members. There are some great deals on the Canon site for refurb kits, but not sure if I should go the Rebel route with maybe a T6i or spend a bit more and get an 80D.

Decisions, decisions...any thoughts/suggestions?

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Originally Posted by db1975va View Post
... Sony seems to take top-nods for capturing action for mirrorless ...
Wow. I had not heard that. My experience is that, for continuous shooting, Sony cameras, instead of showing the current view, show the last captured image, which makes them terrible for sports/action shooting. And the selection of lenses for sports/action is slim and expensive.

From what you say, I think Canon is the best way for you to go.
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"Stuck on 16MB"

You don't think all professional use 50MB do you visit one or two of my pages, I am quite happy with 1-20MB thank you
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Fully agree that 16MB is more than adequate, my comment was more about future-proofing. ...in hindsight, not such a relevant point anyway!

I suspect the MB-creep with each successive model is more driven by marketing than anything else. As hard drive sizes keep growing, folks are happy to keep filling them up. Plus, camera manufacturers are thinking they need to try to stay one step in front of smartphones, and MB stats are an easy way to do that, even if only on the surface.
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