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Olympus 2100C digital camera. It was working perfectly yesterday. This morning I went to turn it on...dead!

Batteries are fine. Tried also with the AC adaptor. Nothing! Is right now just a paper weight.

Olymus 2100C camera has always been treated with greatest respect, never banged, bumped, dropped, exposed to dust or extreme temperatures, nothing bad ever. Is only 3 years old, cost me $400. A shame not not have gotten more use out if than this.

If you smart young people have any ideas, would be most grateful. Of course I could send it toOlympus Co.and for $150 they will fix it, but that option is sadly not onethat appeals.

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Remember that a digicam is almost as much a computer as it is a camera and use the basic technique youuse if your computer acts up: Reboot. Take the batteries out and let it set long enough to loose track of the date/time. That will put all setting back to factory default.

Rebooting isn't likely to solve your problem, but it is worth a try: the price is right and there is no chance of further damage while trying to fix it.
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Thanks Mr. Drew. Sadly the camera still remains stone cold dead after several days of sitting unpowered by itself. Must have just bought a lemon. Oh well, at least I am lucky in love. Actually not!

P.S. Another camera, one not as nice, has been banged, bumped, dropped in the toilet, had a car driven over it (well almost) and is 10 years old, and it works fine. This was the "expensive" camera, so babied and coddled it. There is a life lesson there! Rgds.
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The problem is probably in the on/off switch. That was a weak link on the C2100. The switch is either not making good contact with the printed circuit board beneath the switch or the contacts are dirty. It might be the mode dial contacts, also. You might try turning the on/off switch and mode dial on and off during start up to see if there are any signs of life. If that fails, you might try shooting a little electronic contact cleaner around the base of the switch and turning it on and off. Remember to blow out the cleaner with canned air before it dries. For obvious reasons, this isn't the ideal solution; however, if you're going to have to take the camera apart to clean it or send it in for service, it's worth trying this first. Be careful with the switch though. It's not a sturdy design and breaks off too easily. As a side note, I have a Mamiya 35mm I bought in 1970 that is still going strong, but I don't expect to get that kind of service from ANY digital camera. If I was in your situation, I don't know that my choice would be to spend $150 to repair the camera, but it certainly wouldn't bother me if I had to do so.
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