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My Olympus C4000 was stolen and I need something similar to replace it. I looked at the C7000, as an obvious choice, since it appeared to be an updated version, but the ratings seem to be lower for some reason. Plus it has a pop-up flash, which I'm not crazy about. That's minor though.

I'd like something smaller, although I'd rather have good pictures, so I'd go with a camera the same size as the C4000 if the smaller cameras don't have as good picture quality.

I've looked, online, at a few Panasonic's, like the DCM-FZ5, DMC-LZ2 and DMC-LX1. Cameras have changed a lot in 2 years, it seems.

Any advice or suggestions would be most helpful.

Thank you.
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If you can still find the Olympus C5500 'Sport Zoom', it might be a good substitute for the C4000. I have no experience with this camera, but I've seen very favorable comments from those who have used it. It appears to be similar in size and features to the C4000. It has more zoom range, but the lens is more than a full stop slower at the long end.

How have you used the C4000? Were its manual control options important to you, or did you stay in fully automatic mode? Was there anything about it you that you especially liked or disliked? Maybe if you tell more about your own photographic style, you can get some suggestions.
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Hi Tejano: Robb is right, you should look at the C5500 Sport Zoom for a good smaller camera. It has a lot of value for a low price, and is a good handling camera.

For a camera that is most similar to your C4000, you should look at the Olympus C7070. It is an excellent wide angle zoom.



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I agree that the Olympus C-5500 at less than $(US)200 is a great buy. It uses AA sized batteries which a lot of folks really like. It offers a full 5mp and 5X optical zoom. It is really worth considering in as much as the C-4000 only offers 4mp and 3X optical zoom.

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