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Old Dec 27, 2006, 11:01 AM   #1
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Ooook, i currently have a very broken c770UZ that my daughter dropped into a pool, and then promptly turned on to see if it still works:?:?

Very very broken camera, lol

Im going on a vacation in feb, so i need a new camera, or fix the 770.

I do not think i am ready to move to a Dslr like the K100D, mostly because i still need the portability, in camera movies, and reletive cheapness.

So, my question is, should i repair the 770 at an olympus repair facility for 250 bucks quoted. Or buy an SP-510 online for 300 bucks

Im worried about the form factor of the 510, the 770 is an amazingly well designed compact camera imho. Additionally, the 770 can record in MP4 for videos, while the 510 can only record in the bloated quicktime format.

But one of the largest complaints i had about the 770 was the poor image quality/stabalization in low light environments. the 510 has IS, do you think this would help to alleviate low light shooting problems?

thanks in advance for any help you guys can offer, need to order today so it gets here before i fly back home to canada!
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Old Dec 27, 2006, 9:13 PM   #2
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after reading some reviews of the SP510 it really seems like a pretty crappy camera

do you guys think i should fix the 770 for $250? or is there an equivalent camera(not olympus) in that price range
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Old Dec 28, 2006, 10:36 AM   #3
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I won't fix my C770UZ in that case but buy another camera which addresses the problems you mentioned. The C770 gives me nice pictures but battery life is horrible, AF unreliable on tele end and in low light.

That being said our christmas present this year for the family (read: me and my wife) was a Pentax *istDL2 with kit lens and 2GB SanDisk SD card + camera bag. Payed less than 500.00 EUR incl. shipping which is a nice price in Germany.

You can get several nice camaras cheaper than 500.00 EUR but the ISO, the noise, the speed - that's something else.

Using $250 just to repair a 2+ years old cam is not a wise choice from that POV. The 770UZ got a nice lens... that would be the only reason. I don't expect you to have much equipment around that cam but a recharger and some rechargeables and a bag, right?

My 2 cents.
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Old Dec 28, 2006, 11:50 AM   #4
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I would consider a Panasonic FZ7, which can be bought online for well under $300. It's not a great lowlight camera, but otherwise gets very good reviews. I think it's better than your old 770.
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