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Hi. Im wondering which one of those two i should buy, Olympus E-300 or Canon A610. I can get the olympus for only 100$ more than the canon. I never had a "big camera" before so i wonder if it is very unconvenient for travelling. I currently have canon a75. I shoot a lot in low light condition without flash.
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For travelling, a pocketable cheap camera like an A75 would be perfect.

If you're going to trade up, consider a DSLR for general photography.

The E-300 isn't a great low light camera. It's 4/3'rds sensor is smaller than other camera's thus resulting in poor performance at high ISO's (sensitivity).

Sounds like your budget is at the low end of the DSLR budget.

Consider a Minolta 5D for the following reaons:

- Antishake built into the camera body.

- Easy to buy Minolta lenses second hand.

- Minolta's are very user friendly with good user guides.

- Bigger sensor than the E-300 (23.5 x 15.7mm) versus E-300 (17.3 x 13) and better low light performance.

- Smaller RAW file (smaller media card). Someday you might want to experience the ultimate quality of shooting RAW format.The E-300 creates very largeRAW files which means more dollars to spend ona media card.

All the above is somewhat technical, but the 5D is a very cool entry level DSLR that can be found at a very good price online.

--- Terry


PS: Olympus E-300 owners will complain about my above comments.

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Thanks a lot for the input, Im thinking about finally buying a DSLR. The Minolta 5D looks very interesting, I'll read more about it.
Thanks again
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