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joris1234 Feb 25, 2006 12:17 AM


I am a foreigner in India and used a fujiilm s3000z till now. I like photography and during the time using the fujifilm I learned a bit how to take nice pictures. Now my camera has become a limitation and I see that an upgrade is needed.

Ive narrowed my search down to the olympus e500 and nikon D50.

My problem is that I have absolutely no clue which would be better for my needs. Is the limitation of de D50 with Iso minimum of 200 not good? As the E500 comes with 2 lenses, is it a better choice?

I used the Fujifilm for 2 years. I am a medical student and traveler in India and using the camera for a lot of different scenes.

Can someone give me some advice?


plg3 Feb 25, 2006 7:29 AM

Joris -

I've had an Olympus E-500 since last October 2005 and have absolutely enjoyed using it. I looked long and hard at all the "entry level" digital SLRs and settled on the E-500. That said, I think almost any DSLR will provide excellent pictures given that we, as the photographer, learn how to use our new camera and how to compose a good picture. I do reasonably well using my E-500; I'm not that good at composition.

Why did I buy the E-500 and not the D50 or Canon Rebel XT? I loved the way the Olympus captures colors. The E-500 also felt more comfortable in my hands - everything felt justright. The menu system was clear and easy to navigate. And the technical aspects of the E-500 put it right up there with DSLRs costing much more. The back LCD is huge and provides an excellent review of your pictures.

The two lens kit is awsome, for the price. I have the 14 - 45 mm (equivalent of 28 - 90 mm in 35 mm terms) and 40 - 150 mm (equivalent of 80 - 300 mm). This is arguably the best lens kit on the market. The 14 - 45 mm is excellent (although the 14 - 54 mm is much better) and the 40 - 150 mm is superior. Remember, these are the kit lenses, not extras.

What are the drawbacks? Well, you've probably read the most about the small view finder and image noise. The view finder is smaller than most. Is it a problem? No, not after about 1 day of using the camera. I've adapted as I suspect most users have. There are a couple of different view finder add-ons the Olympus offers - one to magnify the view finder image; these have received mixed reviews.

Noise can be a problem at ISOs above 400. I don't shoot many pictures above 400 so it's not a problem for me but I've seen a lot of pictures at the higher ISO range and they areexcellent. Most folks just use"noise" software such asNoiseNinja to remove noise. I would not letnoise alone convince you that the E-500 is not for you.

Some people say they don't like the limited Olympus lens selection.Well, let's be honest with each other. How many lenses do you really need? I will probably get one or two more lenses (the 14 - 54 mm andmaybea wide angle zoom).All the Olympus digital lenses have been specifically designed for their digital cameras and offer a nice range of sizes (and prices!)

Read Steve's review of the E-500 and D50 carefully. Many of the digital photo sites have reviews, too. I like the MegaPixel site; here's their review of the E-500-
Also a link to Digital PhotographyReview's comparison of the E-500 to the D50 and Rebel XT -
Finally, Andrzej Wrotniak reive of the E-500. This is a "review in process" as he updates updates it periodically -

Bottom line, the E-500 is an excellent camera! I hope this helps you (and others) with your decision process.

Paul in norther Virginia (NoVA) USA
Olympus E- 500 C- 730

joris1234 Feb 26, 2006 9:00 PM

Hi, thanks for your reply, I bought the e500 and till now im very satisfied!
Thanks a lot for your comment.

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