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kiervol Jun 25, 2006 5:09 PM

Hi, I have never owned a digital camera, and am mostly looking to take pictures with friends and family- inside dark bars and outside at various sites. I am an anthro grad student and travel quite a bit and was hoping to find something compact, VERRY affordable (aforementioned grad student status), with decent quality to send the photos over the internet. Zooming and proffessional details are not as important to me with this camera, but printability is moderately important, and battery life is second only to cost in importance. I am very confused about the different battery options- seems like AA with a charger is best because you can both charge and run into a drugstore to buy more if you forgot to bring extras or charge- but that is just me trying to figure it out. Oh, I'll probably carry it in a knapsack- so, while comfort in my hand and heaviness are not deal breakers- indestructability may be. Thanks- hope this was enough, and not too much, detail.

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