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frettin Apr 27, 2006 9:46 PM

I am currently looking for a compact digital camera that will fit in my pocket easily. I have narrowed it down to the Olympus Stylus 710 and the Nikon S5 camera. Both cameras have features that I really like but I cannot decide which features I can do without.

On the Olympus I like the image stabilization, bright capture technology for low light photography, scratch resistant LCD screen, large color descriptions of the various scenes, 28 shooting modes, overall shape of the camera, and the all-weather durability. I'm not crazy about the X-D card, but I guess I could live with that.

On the Nikon, I like the D-lighting, best shot selection, face priority, blur warning, and the use of SD memory cards. I don't care for the small, black & white icons for the various scene modes compared to the Olympus, or the lack of image stabilization, ornot beingweather resistant. As far as size, both cameras are about the same size, but the Nikon does weigh more than the Olympus.

Which camera would be the better choice? Which of these features would be more important to me, and what features are more of a gimmick than really needed? Which camera is more durable and less likely to have something go wrong or break? Would one camera give me better quality pictures than the other? The camera that I have now always seems washed out. A picture at the beach does not give me the bright blues of the sky or the ocean. Even though it is a bright sunny day, the pictures look like it is overcast. I'm looking for bright, brilliant colors in my pictures. Will either of these cameras give me that? Which camera would you suggest would be the better camera? Which camera should I buy? Thanks of your input.


njdag Apr 28, 2006 11:38 AM


read the reviews again and then check out the Fuji f30 and Canon sd 700

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