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sweesan May 24, 2006 10:23 AM

Hi, I'm getting a second camera (as I'm leaving home and I'll have to leave my older camera back). I've been using Fuji Finepix F410 for about 3 years and I'm really quite satisfied with it.

Now, I'm gonna get a new one, either Olympus 710 or Fuji V10. I would prefer a small handy one so that I could fit it into my 'chef-student' uniform's pocket. I really wouldnt mind if the camera is only 4 or 5 MP. because I dont think i need the extra MP, but if it's an additional point, then why not. (F410 has only 3.1MP)

I like F410's non-flash shots (taken with ISO 400). Anyway, I'm a noob at the technical details. I just want the photos to be clear (but not too clear till you can see the pores), has Image Stabilization function (so even if it's without flash, the photos won't be too shakey), and can take photos when the place has insufficient lighting, and has a bit of warm filter. AND small, so i can fit into my pocket. AND long battery life.

I'll only take Olympus or Fuji as I've just bought a 512MB xD picture card a few months ago.. so, that card can only make do with olympus and fuji... i guess

Do give me some tips / suggestions


superakuma May 24, 2006 10:36 AM

I dont hear much about the olympus but many people rave about Fuji's ablity to take picture at higher ISO and still maintian a clean pictur. From the pics that I've seen adn the review on the Fuji, I think it is one of the best PnS camera you can buy if non flash photography is important.
You said that you wanted IS, I dont think any of those camera have IS.

Although I think u should get the fuji, I would not limit yourself to an only olympus and fuji just because you have the 512mb card. If you switch over to a camera that supports SD, you can pick up a 1gb high speed faster then the xD card for about $25 shipped brand new. A 512mb version should cost no more then $15 from what I've seen. The problem with xd card is that no many company makes them so the price of the chip is kinda expensive.

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