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Kiwi84 Jun 8, 2006 8:04 AM

Hello everybody,

I'm looking for a good camera for taking amateur pictures. Image Stabilisation and high ISO rates seem the solution for my annoyence with blurry (evening)pictures... Furthermore, I'd like the possibility to shoot in macro-mode.

However, I can't seem to make a choice between the Olympus Stylus 810 and the Canon DS700 IS...

These are the main differences..:

Megapixels: Canon 6 vs. Olympus 8
Iso: Canon 80 - 800 vs. Olympus 64 - 3200 (however noisy)
Macro: Canon 2 cm vs. Olympus 10 cm.
Optical Zoom: Canon 4x vs. Olympus 3x.
Optical viewer: Canon yes, Olympus no.

Furthermore, I read the LCD on the Olympus has Brightview technology but is so shiny, you can't see clearly when it's sunny. Rather annoying while there's no optical viewer.
The Canon is much more expensive and had less megapixels.

Another difference... The Olympus has DIGITAL image stabilisation, while the Canon has OPTICAL image stabilisation...

I like the exterior of the Olympus better, but of course it's the specifications that are the most important here...

Can someone help me out here, making this difficult choice...?


E.T Jun 8, 2006 10:23 AM

As general rule difference in megapixels is completely irrevelant when you go over 5MP unless you make really big prints.

Kiwi84 wrote:

Iso: Canon 80 - 800 vs. Olympus 64 - 3200 (however noisy)
That 3200 is downsized 3MP image and 1600 has lot of chroma (colour) noise, cleaning that is possible but it removes details. 800 looks quite decent and 400 is good.


Another difference... The Olympus has DIGITAL image stabilisation, while the Canon has OPTICAL image stabilisation...
"Digital" stabilization is pure fraud like digital zoom. It only cranks up ISO.
Also lack of viewfinder makes camera shaking prone because of shooting position which amplifies handshake.
(hands more or less straight instead of supporting camera also to forehead)

So for stationary targets (landscapes, architecture...) Canon would be much better because optical viewfinder allows less shake prone shooting position and stabilization helps further.
For moving targets higher ISO is of course better because long shutter times aren't possbile so what kind low light shots you would need to take?

Kiwi84 Jun 8, 2006 2:49 PM

Thanks for your help so far!

I'm often taking pictures in the evening or at night, and I took many photo's (for instance with a Samsung camera I'm not so fond about) with flash that looked awful, everything looked very 'lighted'. The colours look different and the whole atmosphere of the moment is gone.
So for that reason I would like a camera that can take better photo's at night, possibly without flash, or with a 'good' flash, that keeps teh scene intact :(

I thought the Olympus would be better for this because it has 'brightview' technology, and higher possible ISO rates. But if brightview just means IS, and IS in this case just means higher (noisy or 3MP) ISO rates.... :?

I also saw some sample pics of the DS700 that were so called 'soft'. I read people were not really enthousiastic about the quality of the pictures...

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