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I am a point and shoot person . I take photos using Aoto / Scene modes in the camera. Currently I have Nikon Coolpix 8700. Though this camera takes good pictures I am not happy with this cames for 2 reasons.

1. Photos are quite soft.

2. Flash performance is very poor indoors. The pictures appear dull.

I am thinking of selling this camra and buy a 5 mp camera. These 3 cameras I am considering now.

1. Canon Power shot S2

2. Sony Cybershot H1

3. Panasonic DMC-FZ5.

These are my criteria for selecting the camera.

1. Sharp and bright photos . Mostly I will shoot indoors ( Kid playing in the home )

2. Strong Flash performance

3. Fast focus.

4. More scene modes. ( Atleast have Snow / beach / Indoor / Sports / backlight / night )

I am also looking for a 5MP pocket camera Agin with the criteria listed above.

Please help me selecting the best camera using the above criteria.

Thanks and regards

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My personal experience leads me to rave about the Canon S2 as the best thing since bread itself, and the more I use it, the more strongly I feel that way. I have posted replies on a number of threads here that explain why I feel that way, but I want to be clear that the other digicams you mentioned in your post are also best of class products, and if you don't see eye to eye with me on what makes the S2 the top choice, you should still pat yourself on the back if you choose any other camera on your list. They are all outstanding examples of consumer photo tech, and I would be proud to have any one of them in my camera bag.

I can't offer much help in the pocket cam department. I still use an old (by current standards) Canon S400. It is only 4 mp, but it really lives in my pocket, and has many battle scars from sharing limited space with keys, screws, and misc junk. It only has a 3x zoom, but it is always there, takes great shots within it's limited zoom range, and I can't imagine being without it. I bought it when they first hit the market, and fill a one gig CF card with images every week or two. I depend on having the S400 in my pocket at least as much as I marvel at what my S2 is capable of doing when I take it out on the town.

That being said, the pocket cam market has grown since the S400 hit the market. Looking at specs alone, I am amazed at what a pocket cam can do today. I suspect that you can buy most any modern pocket cam, and be happy for years to come. I know full well that my S400 has been eclipsed by the latest contenders, but it works so well for me that I won't consider replacing it until it dies from use and abuse.

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Thanks for the reply. How is the canon S2 flash performance. I am selling my Coolpix 8700 because of very poor flash performance .

I was also incliened towards S2 beacuse of AA battery & Twist LCD.

can the flash popup automatically when ever required apart from opening it manually.

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