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I was hoping some of you could give me your opinions on which of these two cameras I should buy. I am leaning more towards the S5100 but the image stabilizing of the Canon also looks attractive.

I want to mostly use the camera for both scenery shots and action photos, such as taking pictures in a basketball game. I was wondering how important the image stabilizing is for taking non-blurry pictures at the high end of the zoom for action photos. I would really appreciate your opinions, thanks.

Oh, also a nice movie mode would be nice too, I have heard that the canon takes great movie clips, but haven't heard much about the Fuji.
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Hi: I decided on Olympus, but here is two informative reviews for the Canon and the Fuji. Read them both and maybe they will help you decide.

Good luck in your effects.



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I gave both cameras my own head, to head, test, IMHO get the S5100 if you need to do indoor low light Pics, & Video, there is much less video noise then the Canon S1, Also the Canon is slower at focusing (sometimes not all) in low light, frustrating!,,, an AF assist light like the Fugi has, would have helped here. Plus pics are sharper, and the VGA quality video is only limited by card size in the Fugi. Image stabilization, did not impress me, sometimes I couldn't even tell when it was on, or off?,,, I still get good shots with theFugi, I guess it depends on the situation. The Canon went back.
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I have the S1 IS. I love it but I do a lot of "nature" type pics. You are going to need some form of image stabilization for action shots with any zoom or you are going to cuss a lot at lost shots. Low light will be a problem for most of em to a greater or lessor degree. There are work arounds. You might want to check out some of the Panasonic Z series. There are newer versions than the IS with equivalent or more megapixels and I hear a lot of satisfied people. The IS is getting a little long in the tooth and they have not reduced the prices like you would think. But it is a good camera and if it meed your needs and you could get it for around 250 I think it would be a good choice.


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Thanks for all the info Steven, MikDee, and Kavoom I had read all the reviews (too many i think lol) and just wanted to see a head to head comparison like you gave me MikDee. It helped a lot, I ended up going with the S5100 because of the extra 1MP and the AF assist and also it is cheaper including the $50 dollar rebate that the camera has at the moment. They both seem great, if the S5100 has image stabilization then it would have been the perfect camera for me, but I guess you can't win them all, lol.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Again thanks for all the info and helping me decide!
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