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As the description says, would you buy the Casio EX-Z57, the Panasonic Lumix FX7, or the Sony Cybershot T1?

Or is there a better Ultra-Compact to look into?

My price range is ~$300.

Here is what I have found after doing some research:

Megapixels: tie.
Battery life: Casio wins, Panasonic second.
Card Preference: Casio and Panasonic tie (SD is the best option)
Size: Panasonic wins, Casio second.
Video quality: Sony wins, Panasonic second
Screen size: Casio wins
Screen resolution: Sony destroys the others.
Image Stabilization: Panasonic is the only one to have it.
Startup, shot-to-shot: Casio wins.

Casio loses points for not having Video out.
Panasonic loses points for not having a dock.

I have left some stuff out of course, but it is still hard to weigh my options. I want the screen size and design and battery life of the Casio with the resolution and video quality of the sony and the image stabilization of the Panasonic. I know that all of these expectation's can't be met, so which ones would you pick? Is IS that important?

Thanks in advance, you guys are great!
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I may also look at the Sony Cybershot T33, but I can't really tell what is different about it from the T1 ?
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The T1 &T33 have pitifully weak flashes. And the f3.5 at wide limits your available light photography. They are outdoor cameras.

The only downside I see to the FX7 compared to the others is that the LCD doesn't gain up enough in low light to easily frame a shot. Stabilization is great for available light without a flash.

The Casio has an enormous screen, but the resolution isn't great. It seems competent.

I'm not a fan of cameras without a viewfinder, but that seems to be your preference. I think I would take the FX7 if I had to choose one because of the stabilization.

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Thank you so much for the warning about the Sony cameras, I was wondering about the high aperture but had assumed that Sony knew what they were doing when they made the camera, which was a false assumption.

I like the Panasonic very much as well, and am thinking about just buying it and forgetting about the Casio, but I now cannot decide if I want battery life, a dock, and manual focus, or VGA movie and Image Stabilization. I am usually a sucker for brand name products, but the Casio really seems appealing to me right now.

Does the Nikon Coolpix S1 get a thumbs down as well for the F3.5? (I expected better from Nikon, with my Coolpix 5400 being so amazing!) I love Canon's Digital ELPH series, but would rather have a larger screen than an optical viewfinder.

Anything from Konica Minolta that can compete in this category?
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