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Hi ,

I've been reading thru the reviews on all possible sites in order to decide a camera which will best fit my pocket. Basically i need a 5 Mp camera with at least 8x optical zoom, with some room for experiments in terms of manual control. Currently i've found Canon A95 close to my need. But the only problem is the low optical of 3 X. However i've read that you can attach extra lens to it. Does attaching a lens increases the zooming capability of the camera. Is it a good idea , to for this kind of combination i.e take a good camera which allows room for expansion and then add stuff into it. This way the basic camera remains compact and you can attach lense to increase its zooming capacity whenever you want. Are there any other good camera wihc gives best of both world i.e MP as well as Zoom.


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You're probably going to lose some light if you add a teleconverter lens. The maximum aperture of the A95 at the full telephoto length of 114mm is already f4.9. If you lose approximately one f-stop with a 2x converter, you're looking at a maximum aperture of between f8 and f11 at the full telephoto length of 228mm. By comparison, the Panasonic FZ20 with a 12x optical zoom has a maximum aperture of f2.8 throughout the zoom range. In other words, the maximum aperture at the 36mm wide end is f2.8, and the maximum aperture at the 432mm telephoto end is f2.8. The FZ20 lets in twice as much light at 432mm as the A95 at 114mm and four times as much as the A95 with a 2x converter; however, the FZ20 will NOT fit in your pocket. I can't think of any 5Mp cameras that fit your criteria. The 4Mp Nikon 4800 has a 8.3x (36-300mm, f2.7-4.4) optical zoom, but it's basically a point and shoot camera. The 4Mp Olympus C-750 has a 10x (38-380mm, f2.8-3.7) optical zoom and lots of manual control. It's a tight fit in a shirt pocket. I believe you can still buy it for about the same price as the A95. If it has been discontinued, check out the newer C-765 and C-770.
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prasrob wrote:
... Does attaching a lens increases the zooming capability of the camera. ...
Sort of. A lens with a "manification" of 1.5 will increase the top focal length by a factor of 1.5, but you aren't likely to be able to use it at 1.2 because of vignetting (darkened corners).
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A 5Mp pocket camera with an 8X zoom is not currently available that I know of. Since you seem to consider a Canon A95 a pocket camera you can come close.

The Olympus 770 is probably a little more compact than the A95, and might be a tad lighter with batteries installed. It is 10X but only 4Mp.

The Pentax 750Z is smaller than the A95 and might be considered a pocket camera. It has 7Mp but only 5X on the zoom. The Olympus C7000 is about in the same category. It is faster than the 750Z but I like the features better on the Pentax.

They all have full manual exposure modes. Aux lenses would affect pocketability as well as increase the light you need for a good telephoto shot without using a tripod.

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