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fofa Nov 4, 2005 6:22 PM

OK, thought I had it down to the Panasonic FZ5 or FZ20 (30 is too expensive), and the Samsung 815 will be also. Seems like a lot of folks like the Fuji S5200. So I been scouring the internet for sample pics of each and the Panasonics are blow you away outside at long zoom. But today I ran into a site that many sample pics, a lot by average joe shooter (not pro's) and the Panasonics underwelmed me outside of the outdoor and zoom mode. How ever the Fuji seemed to do pretty good indoors and in lower light. Also some extrem zoom catching moving objects (planes) using their Blur Stop setting looked as good as IS images. Then I ran across a limited sample (maybe because the camera has not been out that long) Olympus new SP-500 UZ and I must say, those blew me away also. Since I was looking at low light/exiting light mostly today, instead of outdoor and long zoom I must say I was pretty impressed. The Sony H1 and Canon seemed ho hum as a whole, OK, but only OK across the board. There were bad pics by all the cameras, but the Fuji and Oly seemed to really shine. BUT the Oly with limited pictures (60 vs thousands for the others) and most of those seemed to be taken by Pro or Serious amatures, I have to take that into concideration, until I ventured a look at the 770 UZ Oly and those blew me away also. OK they are not up there with dSLR, but pretty close, and no lenses to carry. Noise didn't seem to as big an issue on those that had ORIGINAL size pics except for the Sony/Canon/Panasonics.
So thoughts? Since I am not rushing into this buying session, I can go till Xmas if I have to, guess I need to do more research. I am just running out of web sites :?

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