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I am considering buying P&S camera with WIFI support but my concern is if I get wifi connection from any hot spots and upload photos to any service (mobypicture.com, flickr.com, etc. ?) OR these machines are limited to T-mobile hotspot and picturetown of Nikon etc ?

My Choices are

Nikon S610c (because its a cheap one with WIFI)
Panasonic TZ 50

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They both can connect to a home wireless network, but they seem limited to the listed services when you are away from home. Since neither have a browser you can only send pictures to the pre-arranged services.

One reviewer said the Nikon takes around a minute and twenty seconds per photo on WiFi, and photos are reduced to 2Mp with WiFi. Another said the Panasonic used so much power for WiFi it actually got hot – not as slow maybe but you pay in power use. I don't know whether the Panny reduces the size or not. I would think you would need spare batteries for either for regular WiFi use.

Shot to shot time on the Nikon was reported at 3.3 seconds where the TZ50 was 1.5. 3.3 seconds is a long time to wait between shots anymore without the flash. The Panny was only 2.9 seconds with flash. The wide screen movies are great on the TZ50 where the Nikon still has the old 640 X 480 movies.

The Nikon fits better in your pocket. My FZ5 fits fine in my jeans pocket, but you know it is there. And you wouldn't be comfortable carrying the Panny in your shirt pocket. They both have a 28mm (eq) wide angle, but the Panny has a 280mm tele where the Nikon is only 112.

The TZ50 is a WiFi version of the FZ5 which became obsolete with the new ZS1, which many refer to as the TZ7. I recently saw a new TZ5 from a reliable seller on Ebay for $215 and free shipping with an 8Gb memory card, camera case and mini-tripod. So you are paying a lot for WiFi. The same is true of the Nikon in that you can get better cameras for less money without WiFi. I don't see much use for it with a home network as a direct transfer or card reader is faster and uses less battery.

Both services let you forward photos to other emails, but evidently the Nikon service only sends a link to your photos on the Nikon site. I didn't see any details on the Picasa-Google service, but it looks like it forwards the photos. This looks like a better option in that you can send the photos to any service and aren't limited in camera choice: http://www.pcworld.com/reviews/produ...view/card.html I would be suspicious of the range though.

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