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Hi all :-)
Need avice 4 choose beetween cameras for shooting sundown , sunrise and etc(especialy favorite theme - "First Rays") and Cloud Cover too.
others - indoor perf, videos, flash and etc - uncertain.(no potraits, macro and etc at all)
3 critical feats:
1. nice dynamic range(cheers to Fj programmers and Nikon lens)
2. correct and [a bit] tweakable color reproductions(like z812 repr[even inside overcompressed Kodak Jpegs]) or Fj Chrome/Normal Chrome tweaks
3. adequate(4 task) noise level - yeah z812 have lover noise but this after HEAVVy pp inside cam and cannot(almost) enanced in any way .. Pansonics FZ's and Fj's - more careful and/or even shoot raw/tiff(4 maniacs like me)

welcomed features - PASM, Apperture Braketing w/Burst mode, lighweght(not more 0.5 kg), U-zoom(uncertain, but useful)

budget - under $300-$350
(because i live in Russian Capical city, called "Moscow City" - typical US/UK DC prices - can be multiplied by 1.4(even afeter recently loverd taxes and import rules)
FZ-7 ? SD-700 ? Z-812 ?
or even adv p&s ?
like Fuji F50/F40 Kodak C875/Z885 R7/A40 /A720

p.s. any advices and shots(belong designated DC applications) - welcomed.

p.p.s. beside you advices - almost all todays digicams(including DSLR's) - overpriced crap, in terms of desired quality and product qualty and wasting of money.

p.p.p.s. tends to choose s700, priced equal to[theoreticall more functional]z812

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Sunrises are really not that difficult, as long as you use a bit of Exposure Compensation. Here is a recent sunrise example. It was taken with an Olympus E-500 and a Zuiko 14-54mm lens.

Sarah Joyce
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thanks 4 sample photo.Sarah[ and S700 thread contributing in other Sites(especially http://www.dcresource.com/forums/showthread.php?t=31915) :-)]

nice example of what a typically shoot, but witch heavier PP (multi-shoot effects rare, but, sometimes also used)
braketing saves in some enviroment(but not all - nice eye - best tool 4 photographer ever(including camera :-))
another plus to s-700 - nice EVF - help very well(Kodak - try save on him)

some feedback about SP-510 UZ ?
many offline photographer says about 510 - "nothing, but a toy". it's really so worse DC ? :/

end 2008 - welcomes - HDR-capable DC engines in P&S cameras
end - 2010 - compact(like today's P&S) DSLR's w/hybrid optical systems(4 saving weight and space)

but in case of showed[above] budget E-500 - a bit unadequate and only prove my words.
beside - 2008 - year or more or less "normal"(as 35'' mm - dinosaur film analog) lens for broad range of camera(not cameraphone "glass 4 thrashcan")
E-500 as example - shows us - EVERY complex tech system - performed as weakest piece, lens or sensors(4 example) - uncertain.

if anyone have same decision-making task - look at http://www.dcresource.com/forums/showthread.php?t=7499 thread - may help a bit, howver all of used cameras - not impress(DSLR low-noise - sligthly better, but not enough, and especially lack of Dynamic Range(lack of Quality in Pre[Not PP!!]processing, w/ exept D200/D40(differ in some conditions))

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