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Default From P&S to superzoom to Dslr - Need help deciding

Hi all,

I have a Canon sd620 p&s camera for 2 years now, and off late I am putting some effort an time to learn photography. I want to buy a new camera and thought I had decided, but the more I am reading the more I am getting confused and can't decide.

I used my friends S5 a coudple of weeks ago and liked it a lot so I started looking at the Sx10 IS and thought I was sure about it (the price is appealing) but it has its limitations like not good at low light/indoors and continuos burst is pretty slow. So now I am looking at Dslr and the nikon D40 is at a reasonable price, but I am so used to p&s using lcd screen that I don't know if I will be able to use the viewfinder, so I start looking at live view dslr and the xsi is what I like.

Here is the issue though, I will be using it for indoor party pics, outdoor family vacation and when I get time from all this I will take pics of probably everything.

I want to make a one time investment, i won't keep buying different lenses etc. Also, I am lazy to do post processing so I want a camera which has good IQ so that I can get good pics straight out of camera.

So here is my issue I hope you guys can steer me to the right direction.
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Of all the DSLRs, Sony seems to have the best live view implementation. The reality is though - with size/weight of DSLRs, shooting hand-held using the LCD is a very poor way to shoot - it's just not stable. Live view on a DSLR, IMO, is best used for controlled situations, shooting on a tripod, where you want to ensure critical focus. Technique is very important in quality photography - and relying on lcd for hand-held shots fosters very poor technique.
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A TTL (through the lens) optical viewfinder works better on most dSLR models if you want to shoot moving subjects. The Sony models with Live View (A300, A330, A350, A380) have the fastest Autofocus in Live View mode right now. But, you get a smaller optical viewfinder with the Sony Live View models compared to models without Live View like the Sony A200 and A230.

I'd try dSLR models from popular manufacturers (for example, Nikon, Canon, Sony, Pentax, Olympus) and see what you like from an ergonomics perspective. Personally, I wouldn't worry about the Live View part. I'd prefer a model with a better optical viewfinder. For party pics, an external flash would be a good idea, regardless of the camera model you end up with.
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I want to make a one time investment, i won't keep buying different lenses etc. Also, I am lazy to do post processing so I want a camera which has good IQ so that I can get good pics straight out of camera.
It sounds like to me you are a prime candidate for a super zoom. A DSLR with a kit lense with an 18-55mm lense will give you a a 35mm equivalence of 28-80mm give or take a few mm. So you will probabley wan't to add a second lense like an 80-200mm. You wan't to shoot indoors chances are you will need a fast lense or bare minimum an external flash with the kit lense. I think the Canon SX10 with an external flash will be the best comprimise between DSLR and P&S. Also look at the Fuji S100FS. It has a bigger sensor than most superzooms and does well in low light situations.
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Or you could try the new Olympus Pen - EP1. Seems ideal for someone like you.
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... want a camera which has good IQ so that I can get good pics straight out of camera
Depends on your idea of good IQ. For focus and low noise the DSLR wins. For strong color the point-and-shoot wins. For casual photography a point-and-shoot is less hassle than a DSLR. For precision photography the DSLR is a happier solution. Both have their applications.

Kelly Cook
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Unfortunately for you, most DSLR cameras assume that you will indeed be doing some post processing. If post processing is not your thing (although it is easy to learn) then perhaps a DSLR camera is not for you. Do you, or do you not, want to learn something about post processing?

Sarah Joyce
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