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oc_man wrote:
I have a very good P&S which I'm happy with except for one huge problem: SHUTTER LAG
I realised that shutter lag on my camera (which uses Li-Ion) is caused by bad batteries. I bought 9 from eBay.com for $5.45 each, 2 went bad. They go for $20 in stores. Mah rating on any type sold on ebay cant be trusted. It's a crap shoot when buying off-brand batteries.

What I'd really like is a P&S with NO autofocus/Shutter lag at all.
yes, it does. It's called Manual Focus. Switch to it, pre-focus on your subject, then no focusing needed.
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What P&S camera are you using?...most current pocket cameras are fairly fast, one with manual control of white balance, aperture and shutter can be very fast taking a single shot, it's mainly in burst mode that they will slow down. If you use full auto mode this will slow things, try using less auto functions if you camera allows and try to insure that you have good lighting to reduce focus hunt.
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I am actually using the Sony H-2, H-5, and H-9, and I hasten to say that I am very pleased with the photo results that I am seeing. Yes, as a Professional Digital Camera Instructor, I also use all of the consumer level DSLR cameras as well.

However, with a minimum investment, the ultazoom cameras do provide a real and measureably excellent learning tool that will really teach you photography basics. Once you have become very skilled with the ultrazooms, then you are ready.Think of it as a progressive situation. First begin with the ultrazoom cameras, then when you really ready after much hard work to hone your skills. You are ready.

Graduate to the consumer level DSLR cameras, and be an even better photographer.

Sarah Joyce
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