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Default P&S w/ video to complement my FZ50

We are about to hit the road on an early retirement extended travel through the U.S. My FZ50 has the landscapes and birding covered well, but we would like to have something more portable for quick shots and video without hauling the Lumix out. I've been obsessing over this for a week or so, but it seems as if every model I look at is missing one key ingredient, a different one each time. Here is what I am trying to get all in one place:

1080p video
Optical zoom
External microphone jack

As far as I can tell, all other features are a bonus, but not absolutely required.

The real kicker appears to be the external mic. The only cameras I have found this on are either DSLR's even larger than my FZ50, or mini video units with only 720p or no optical zoom.

Is there something I have missed out there anywhere?
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Depending on your shooting, you may not need the external mic. If the internal mic is stereo and located properly so as to not pick up noise from the wind (or zooming lens) does that meet your needs? if so then your requirement for 1080p opens up.
If you really need external (I'd like one for recording concerts) I only know of Nikon P7000 and Olympus XZ-1- both 720p video. Both have larger than normal sensors.
If you plan on editing 1080p video, consider that you will probably have to upgrade (or buy new) computer to handle the larger file size.
One important feature not to be overlooked is to get one that can accomodate the new faster SDXC memory cards. For video, it's suggested to use a class 6 or 10 card.
Myself, I'm waitng to see how well the Olympus SZ-30MR performs (due April). The ability to shot 1080 and 720 video at the same time (or video and 16 MP stills at same time) is intriguing. It's 3D and smart panorama capibility doesn't hurt either.
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