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blakewind Aug 25, 2005 7:06 PM

Hey guys,

I'm planning to buy my first camera, and I wanted to figure out which of these 3 P&S's would give me the most consistent image quality for 4x6 and 8x10 prints. I'm having trouble deciding because my screen doesn't exactly display true to life color, and I know that the V550 is lower megapixel, I've just heard great things about the quality. Ideally I'd like a camera with as little artifacting, purple fringing, and red-eye for web page display as well. Other considerations are less important to me, but I'd like to keep the optical viewfinder if possible. (Putting aside the F10) Thanks in advance!

slipe Aug 26, 2005 12:33 AM

I think you would get great pictures from any of them. If you don't ever intend blowing up the pictures more than 8 X 10 or doing extensive cropping 5Mp is plenty.

The Sony is the quickest for full autofocus shutter lag. The V550 is quick at wide but very slow at telephoto by modern standards – about a full second between pushing the button and capturing the picture. The 7900 is not as fast as the V550 at wide but a little quicker at telephoto.

The V550 and P200 are very quick with cycle times between photos. The 7900 is pretty slow between pictures– especially when using the flash. The V550 has a great burst mode for a pocket camera. The 7900 has a little bit of a burst mode and the P200 doesn't really have one at all.

The Sony has full manual exposure controls if you want to use them, so it isn't a pure P&S. It also has some preset manual focus points. That can be handy for things like panoramas or night shots. I like having manual controls but have to admit I don't use them that much in everyday shooting. You can do just fine in most situations by doing things like tweaking the EV or using spot mode.

The Nikon has to use the pre-flash to eliminate red eye. The other two seem to do it without having to resort to pre-flash. Many people don't like to use pre-flash. I use it for little kids who always smile right after the flash fires, but don't like it for adults.

The V550 has a beautiful large LCD and takes MPEG4 movies. It is the only one of the three that you can use the optical zoom while recording movies, albeit with some noise in the sound track.

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